Tuesday, January 6, 2009


This is pretty much how I can describe my level of activity over the last two weeks! I had been pretty sluggish before, now I'm just borderline narcoleptic! I can fall asleep just about anywhere and any time of day! I had completely forgotten that being pregnant was the equivalent of being comatose most of the time. But, I'll deal because thank the Lord I have no morning sickness!!! Woo Hoo!

So I've tried to be exciting and do fun things so I could come here and post about my exciting life, but I think the most exciting thing I have done since New Year's Eve was eat a Bananna Split from Friendly's this past Saturday! Its been pretty low key here, in parts because I am not a cold weather person and its been pretty freaking cold out! But here's the break down of the past few days.

So on New Year's Eve we told the kids that they will be having a new baby brother or sister. I can't describe to you the happiness that was quickly followed by a barrage of questions. When will the baby be born? Is it a boy or a girl? Are you having twins? Oh please have twins that way we can each have one. (this came from Tyler) and Isabel added "oh and if you're having twins, wouldn't it be great if you had a boy AND a girl.. that way I can have a baby sister and Ty can have a baby brother!"

WHAT???? I almost fell over! What are these kids thinking??? Are they nuts! Well I am most definitely not having twins. For those of you that know me personally I am all of 4'11" tall... Where, pray tell, is my little body going to house two more bodies during the next 9 months??? Unless these kids come equipped with an addition ain't happening in my lifetime... I hope.

Oh... and just for fun my sister asked if twins run in his family... and... OF COURSE THEY DO! He has cousins that are twins. Oh and did I mention that MY mother's family has twins... and a couple of sets if I remember correctly. So I could possibly be blessed with twins! :) OMG so not ready for that!

So, after many No's, I'm not sure's, I don't know's... Ok enough questions for tonight... the happy older sister and soon to be big brother skipped off to plan how they would share the twins that I may or may not be having.... did I mention I have yet to go to the doctors! These kids are unbelievable.

Ok, then we slept all day on the 1st because that's the new trend at my house! I sleep any chance I get and since it was like all of 10 degrees out... I could find nothing better to do with my day.

This past weekend we drove around car hunting, because with two kids and a baby on the way, we are in need of a larger vehicle. So we drove around and laughed some... all in all it was a good weekend. Lots of together time, lots of singing and laughing. Who doesn't love that.

Oh and of course I squeezed in some knitting whenever I had some free time and I wasn't half comatose!

So that's about it... lots of fun and excitement.... YEAH RIGHT! But it was a good couple of days, I love it when the four of us are all together and not fighting over the tv, the computer or the xbox!

:) bye

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Smellyann said...

OMGosh, you're so pretty, Gloria!!

I'm 5'2", which isn't much bigger, and let me tell you, twins ain't a fun pregnancy when you're short! LOL!