Monday, January 12, 2009

barely awake

Ok, today has been a semi-productive day. I barely slept a wink as my hubby has a cold and kept me awake with his marathon coughing last night. Once I convinced him at 3am to take some cough medicine, and he actually stopped coughing, I was awaken by Isabel telling me that Tyler was in bed crying and she had tried to calm him down but it didn't work. So I go on in to see what the problem is... and my poor baby is burning up with a fever! 103.7 to be exact! This poor child was on fire. So I laid with him for a while until he fell back to sleep and lo and behold.. its time to get anyways and get Isabel off to school.

So I am pretty much exhausted... more so than normal now! So even though I have all kinds of witty things I was planning on blogging about today... I'm am gonna crash on my couch for about 30 minutes until I have to go down for my laundry.... AGAIN!

Hopefully I'll catch my second wind in an hour or so and I'll put together my witty blog. But for now... this is it.

:) bye

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