Tuesday, March 31, 2009

5 Months

I know you were all waiting for this... my belly picture to commemorate month 5!!! Can you believe I'm already half way through my pregnancy!

Oh, and let me tell you, all I had to do was reach my 5 month mark and this little guy has not stopped moving around! So much that my hubby was able to feel the baby moving for the first time last night!

We have our next ultrasound this friday... I can't wait. I'll be sure to post a pic of the little guy to show you how much he's grown since the last one almost two months ago now!

As promised I have pics of my bounty of maternity clothes that came in last week... so sit back adn enjoy the fashion show....

Watch out Giselle! I'm one hot mamma... hee hee hee... at least if you ask me I am! and right now that's all that counts so there.

So that's what $200+ in maternity clothes looks like... hmmm, looked like a lot more when it was in the bag.

I'll have more later... right now I'm trying to finish a real estate sale deal that the lender is dragging their feet on, so off to harrass some closers so I can get my closing documents and get my tush home!


Friday, March 27, 2009

ho hummm

Today I'm very "ho humm" just not feeling being out of bed at all today. I've actually been in this state of mind for the last week, and let me tell you... it sucks.

I have no energy, every little thing pisses me off... seriously! uggghhh!

Ooohh! I do have some good news, I got most of my new maternity clothes in last night! I will have to model them tonight and I'll post pics later... but they are cuuutttee! I was happy for all of 5 minutes, then I returned to my brooding.

Then I watched Grey's Anatomy... does anyone else think that McDreamy's proposal was perfect? I loved it... those two need to get married like NOW... before some other act of God prevents them from actually getting married and living happily ever after!

I have to ask... not that anyone is paying any attention to me anyways.... but is anyone else upset that ER is ending after a gagillion years on the air??? I've watched every single season, with the exception of one, since it started back in 1993-94. I love that show! I'm going to be lost with out it to fill my 10pm-11pm slot on thursday nights.

and that's it... I got nothing else for you right now.

Sorry man, them's are the breaks!


Thursday, March 26, 2009

remember me??

Remember me??? WHAT you have no idea who's ugly mugg this is... hee hee hee... I know I suck! But its all good, I know it, and I'm not afraid to say it!

I bet you thought I had just disappeared off the face of the blog-o-sphere didn'tcha??? Nope, I just fail big time at getting online and being productive. I have been so exhausted lately... I think not being able to get a full night's sleep has something to do with that. ALSO my stupid seasonal allergies are starting up and they have me totally drained all the time now.

But enough about that!

Not too much going on lately, the weather still sucks in Massachusetts, seeing as that for over a week it hasn't gotten above 30ish! But today its an acceptable 51 degrees... I'll take it!

I finally had to break down and buy maternity clothes! I wore my last pair of black non-maternity pants last week, and the baby spent the afternoon in kicking protest of being squished by my waistband, so I did a little online shopping... to the tune of a couple hundred dollars! OUCH!!! The bright side is that I should have my box of clothes waiting for me on my door step today when I get home from work. I have tried to put off buying clothes because its ridiculously expensive, especially when you consider I will only be wearing it for the next 4 months and then I'll have to give it away or sell it. BUT, my belly has finally popped and I can no longer "hide" my pregnant tummy in my normal clothes, and the fact that baby has taken to protesting to being squished, so I gave in. I'll post pics tomorrow of my bounty.

Sooooo, its been awhile, let me see... we took the kids to Boston two weeks ago, the first really nice day we had in what seems to be forever... it was nice. We walked around Boston Commons, stopped in at the frog pond- which is currently converted into a skating rink, all in all it was nice.

Isabel and Tyler enjoying stretching their legs on the playground at the frog pond...

Isabel kicking back with the frogs...

What an angelic face... and to think

right before I snapped this, Tyler and Isabel got into a HUGE argment and shoving match over who was geting their picture taken first sitting on this frog!

I absolutely love this pic... they are standing on the exhaust vent for the frog pond/ice skating rink warming their hands from the chill of having just walked in the shage for a few minutes... I love that Isabel looks like such a rock star with my glasses on!

OOOH I finally feel the baby moving around most the day! I love it! I hate the first few months of being pregnant because you just don't feel pregnant... unless you are dying with morning sickness. But since I have only been lucky enough to be EXHUASTED all the time, I feel fat and lazy... especially since I can't fit into my clothes and I really haven't looked pregnant up until last week. BUT now my belly is showing, and the baby is just dancing around in there... I'm loving it. I like to think its the fact that I have "La Tropicana" on all day (colombian radio station that plays salsa ALL day) I'm going to infuse the latin into my child... hee hee hee (insert evil laugh).

We have our second ultrasound on friday April 3rd! I'm so excited to get to see the baby again, and the best part is that this will be a family affair. Both Isabel and Tyler will be coming and so will my hubby! This will be his first time seeing the baby and he is tres excited!

I'll post pics of that when we get to it! I also scheduled my 3D ultrasound, but that's not until May... so you will just have to wait to hear more then!

Ok, I think I've rambled enough today...


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Oooh how times fly.....

June 2004

November 2008

Happy wordless Wednesday... if you're playing, link up here


Goodbye Mazda3

So, I've been threatening to post pics of my car since the accident 2 weeks ago, and I'm finally following through....

a moment of silence please....

I'll miss you, my beautiful Mazda3!!!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Month 3 and 4

Okay... so I am doing the monthly belly picture thing. So here is the first one in the series... since prior to this point you really couldn't tell.

Here is my month 3/Week 13 picture....

Now.... I just look like I need to hit the gym and do some ab work, right??? I'd agree... so tell me, don't be shy.
Moving right along.... here is my month 4/ week 16 picture....

AND just in case you couldn't tell that my belly is starting to pop.... Isabel decided it would be a good idea to ZOOOOM in on my tummy and let me know... "Whoa mom! you're getting a fat belly!" IT'S NOT A FAT BELLY!!!!!! Jeez... of course this makes her laugh and say I know... its a baby belly....

so this is my update on the baby front... I don't fit into my normal clothes... and just barely fit into some of my "fat"pants. I had to break down and buy the maternity clothes this weekend. Which I might add is targeted at people that like to drop $50 on a pair of pants that will only be worn for a few months! WTF!!!! I'm gonna have to get a part time job to pay for the extra clothes...

Wow. I just realized I'm super whiney and complainy today. Sorry man!


when will it all end!!!!

Ok, so again I am going to complain about the stupid winter weather that does not want to go away!

This past weekend, it was B E A U T I F U L!!!! It was sunny, warm, almost 60... what more could any one person want or ask for??? WELL... let me tell you. I would ask for that when monday rolls around, there not be 30 degree weather and 6 inches of heavy snow to wake up to! That's what I would ask for.

So after that wonderful weekend, we are back to typical crappy New England March weather... 30's sunny and snow on the ground... once again!

Grrrrrr! I need warmth... I need the sun shining on my skin.... I need the beach and sand and warm waters of the ocean... oh wait. We don't have warm ocean water up here! Damn it.. Well 2 out of three ain't that bad!

So this is my bitch post for today.
Sorry, I had to let it out. I'm tired of winter.

so there.

Thank you...


Monday, March 2, 2009

more snow!!!

Have I mentioned that I am complete sick and tired of the snow and winter already? WELL in case I haven't.... I AM SICK AND TIRED OF THE SNOW AND WINTER!

But since I can' seem to catch a break, we got another 15" of snow today! WTF! I am so done with this weather... I need sun and warmth. I've been down lately and I am convinced it is due to the lack of sun in our lives right now. I hate being cold, I hate bundling up all the time... I hate it, I hate it, I h..a...t..e it.

Ok, enough of that.

So I started my new job this past week, I absolutely love it. The attorney is really nice, the ladies I work with are really nice, I have lots to due, a nice amount of responsibility, I actually have to use my brain, and there is HUGE potential for learning. I think this one's a keeper. ;)

That's all I got right now... OH, yeah.. I totalled my car last weekend. Suckage... now I have no car and no oney to get a new one. That sucks more than anything. The good thing is that I was smart enough to get GAP Insurance on my car loan so if there is a deficeit in the insurance payout, I won't owe the bank anything. Score one for the little guy!

I'm off to knit some more on my baby sweater... since I'm home today with the kids, I might as well make some progress on that sweater so I can start my next project.

I'm sure I'll post again later... off to eat and knit.