Thursday, January 28, 2010

run, Gloria, run, run...

I feel like I have been running since I woke up on Monday morning! So I started classes this monday, I don't remember if I mentioned it before, but I am going back to school to get my degree in Paralegal Studies. Well, I'm taking Massachusetts and the Federal System (a class about the constitution and laws of the state compared/contrasted to the Federal) Its actually a really interesting class, and the professor is really a great speaker so he keeps my attention for the 3 hours I attend on Mondays and Fridays, yes that's 3 hours each day...

Well, I headed out to class on monday morning, like normal, I got up took my son to my dad's house for my dad's wife to babysit for me... and headed back to the college. It was a really nice day out, a little rainy but it was almost 50 degrees out! So considering I was up and out so early in the morning I was feeling good. My phone rang, but I was getting ready to walk into the class room so I figured I'd check it at break and call back then. I soooo should have answered the phone!!!

So I get out on my break at 10:45am, pull out my phone to see what calls I missed and check on the baby... OMG there are about 10 missed calls 8 from my mom, one from my dad, one from my sister, 4 text msgs!!! WTF.... so I listen to my voicemail and there are a few vague messages from my mom, nothing new... so I check my texts... my sister texts me... "why aren't you answering the phone? Mom fell, broke her ankle bad and they're sending her for surgery" WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I call my mom's phone about 50 times... no answer... so I call my sister, no answer.... ok. Maybe I read wrong, then my sister calls me. Yup, mom was walking the dog and slipped on some ice, she fell and broke her ankle... but wait, not only broken, COMPOUND broken... for those of you that are not med students or Grey's Anatomy buffs... that mean the broken bone is now jutting out of her skin!!! She lay on the sidewalk, trying to flag down a passing car, WHICH the F'er didn't stop... so she had to crawl, with her bone sticking out of her leg, back to her apartment because today of all days... she wasn't carrying her cell phone! Mind you, my poor mother lives on the second floor! She called me, called my sister, tried even to call my husband and none of us answered... unfortunately both my husband and I are taking college courses on monday mornings... and my sister had her own probs going on so no one was available. She called an ambulance, and they whisked her off to the hospital.

As the ambulance is getting ready to pull out and take her, another woman falls on her arse and apparently smacked her head on the pavement! Do you think the owner of the building could drop some rock salt or even sand! Seriously....

From Leominster, my mother was sent to UMass Memorial Hospital in Worcester for surgery to fix her poor leg... and of course nothing is quick. She fell before 9am, and she didn't get sent out for surgery until sometime around 3:30pm and didn't get out of surgery and recovery until almost 8pm.

My mother now has a bionic ankle. In the surgery the put in a metal plate to hold the broken bones together and put a few screws into her leg bones! Also, somehow her shoulder was hurt operation...they aren't sure of maybe they just moved it wrong while she was under or whatever. She has been in the hospital since then, thankfully she is doing MUCH better and is in fairly good spirits. Today she was moved to a rehabilition center so they can help her until she heals a little more and do more on her own. Since she can't put her weight on crutches because her shoulder hurts, it's a little harder for her to do everything. It's a long recovery, but I KNOW she's gonna be fine.

Tuesday I went to the salon and had my hair done, and my eyebrows waxed, and my hair straightened and voila!!!  I was B E A U T I F U L!!! Well I thought so at least!!!  Then I got Sebastian and headed to Worcester to check in on my mom, sit with her few about 45 minutes, then run home at 3pm so I could be back in time to get the kids off the bus.  I then proceeded to argue with Isabel and TRY to get her to clean her room... seriously people, is it really that hard trying to keep trash, papers and toys off the floor??? I don't think so... and when she picks up it take about 10 minutes... so WHY CAN'T SHE JUST DO IT WITHOUT MY YELLING AT HER!!!!! 

Wednesday I spent all morning in probate court... grrrr to irresponsible people... I got out of court at almost 1pm, better than I expected and in the long run made out well!  Deadbeats piss me the hell off... feel free to ask if its killing you!  But that's all I have to say about that on the blog for right now.  Went home, fed Sebastian, waited for the kids and then headed over to Worcester to visit because Isabel was very upset about mamia's foot and cried alot on tuesday.  So we visited for a bit then headed home for showers, pjs and rush everyone to bed.

Thursday - hee hee hee... oh yea, that's today!  Well this morning I got up, got the kids up, dressed and out the door.... got Carlos out the door, then ate, got myself dressed and got Sebastian ready... and off we went to pick up Tyler from school and head over to the pedi's office for 6 month and 6 year old physicals. 

Sebastian is 15.5 lbs and 26 1/2 inches long! 25% for weight and 50% height...  He is getting so big sooo quickly, I can't beleive it.  He is 100% healthy, happy and smiley, smiley, smiley!

Tyler is 45 lbs and 44 1/2 inches tall.... 50% for both weight and height.  My boy has been shooting up like you wouldn't believe!  He too is healthy, healthy, healthy!

I opted to have both boys get their seasonal flu and H1N1 flu shots... can't be too careful!  So Tyler went first... He wanted to be held, he was a little scared... annnnd.... Not one single tear!  He was such a big tough guy today, I was so proud of my little man!

Sebastian on the the other hand, had to get his normal 6 month boosters PLUS the two flu shots... so 5 injections later (three on the left leg and two on the right) and the oral rotavirus booster... he only cried until I picked him up and he was done too!  Another tough guy!  Love my boys.....

So, HOPEFULLY next month or so we will be back to get the second round of H1N1 flu shots for the boys and Isabel will get her flu shots.  That is if the clinic has enough flu shots or doesn't run out before my kids get theirs!

We left the clinic, headed out to take Tyler back to school- just in time for him to get some lunch too!  Nice timing on that I must say!  Then off to get myself some grub cuz my belly was aching for something yummy.  Then back home to eat and head back out to WalMart to buy some clothes for my mom, then off to the home to visit my mom and see how she is doing and how they are taking care of her.  3 pm-- Then back home to get the kids, 3:50pm-- then rush off to take Isabel to Hip Hop class, drop off Tyler to his grandmother, then back to Walmart and buy some chicken breasts for dinner, 4:50pm--then back to dance class to pick up Isabel  and off to the house to make some chicken for dinner and feed Sebastian some sweet potatoes and corn (eww!), 6:20pm-- dash off to take Isabel to Girl Scouts and then back to the house to semi-relax.  Well at least think about relaxing.

Sebastian has been SUPER clingy today, so not much gets done unless he's quietly bouncing or sleeping.  Neither apparently was on his to do list today!

But here we are, 10:46pm and I finally have the few minutes I needed to update my blog and not have the baby yanking my hair!

I will post some pics in tomorrow's post.  I have some... I promise!

Chao bella!

P.S.  sorry this rambled on and on and on!!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!!!!  If you are playing this week link up here to Cate's blog and check out some fellow wednesdayers blogs too!

I didn't give this weeks post a title because I'm not quite sure what to name it... but I couldn't pass up sharing this beautiful sight with the world today....

Thank you God for another beautiful winter day!


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Saturday 9

Welcome to another saturday meme, a little more useless information to give you a better insight into my twisted yet loveable psyche.... not really, but it sounded good ... right?!

Thanks to Melanie whom has hooked me on these memes and Samantha at Saturday 9 that gets us all together!  Link up to Samantha's site and check out more blogs and more interesting facts.....

1. Is there a blog as far as its appearance goes that you think is the most fabulous?

hmmm, none that jump out at me at this moment... but any blog that has lots of pics and interesting comments I find fabulous... Although I really enjoy reading Mel's blog cuz her kiddies are a bunch of cuties... and also another Melanie at Big Mama cuz she always makes me laugh...

2. Do you like the look and the contents of your blogs?

I do like the look and content of my blog... silly its mine!!! I like to change up my background every few months, usually something thematic to go with the current season... and the contents, OF COURSE I LIKE... its all about my family!

3. Have you ever thought what would happen to your blog in case you died?

"Um, no. I have bigger considerations."  I'm with Mel on this one... I'm guessing it will live on forever for prosperity's sake.

4. Has any particular blogger had a great impact on how you set up and write your blog?

No, I just blab about whatever comes to mind or whatever I happen to be dwelling on that day.

5. Would you want a fellow blogger to give you suggestions or criticism of what you write?

Not so much criticisms and suggestions, but I welcome all comments... good or bad. 

6. Is the number of visitors each day to your blog important to you?

No, I don't really care... again its more or a way for me to speak my mind and if someone reads and wants to comment, even better.

7. What percentage of your readers do you think actual comment?

ummm... I'll say 90% because I have like 3 steady readers that I know of.

8. Do you have a favorite blogger who does the memes that you participate in?

hee hee hee... that would be my buddy Melanie, because I steal borrow them from her!


9. How often do you update your blog/site and why?

I would like to update my blog daily, but life doesn't usually allow for that.  So I post as often as I can, usually when the kids are asleep, away or not bothering me...

Sooooo, I hope you comment, let me know if you play so I can read yours too!


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Today is not turning out to be a good day!

Ok, so stupid stupid me decided that I would let my daughter have a friend sleep over last night... PLEASE PLEASE .. P-L-E-A-S-E  kick me in the arse if I ever mention that I am even vauguely considering letting Isabel have a friend sleep over again.

Dear Lord I need LOTS of patience this morning... These two girls managed to trash Isabel's room, Tyler's room AND my living room between the hours of 7am and 9:30am!!!!

I got out of bed at 7 because apparently the two girls and Tyler thought it would be an excellent idea to play Rock Band at this hour... VERY loud and with the tv against the wall on which our head board is... it sounded like they were in my room!!!! WTF!! Seriously... its saturday morning and Sebastian was still asleep, there is no reason for me to be up out of bed.  Ok, so I stressed to them that NO RockBand at this hour and that they needed to keep the noise levels down to quiet.   Apparently this request was made to them in chinese because for the next hour and a half I had to get up twice more to remind them that if they are all in the same room there is no need to be screaming at each other!

When I was finally starting to fall asleep again, Sebastian woke up.... that was it for my sleep.  So I feed the baby and decided that since it was 9am I would get up and make the kids some breakfast.  OH MY GOD!!!! My house looked like a tornado had blown threw it!  Seriously my apartment is not that big, and there was stuff EVERYWHERE!    I think there was steam coming out of my ears... because they looked a little scared... "You need to pick up EVERYTHING NOW!"  Ridiculous, why do they need to trash every room they set foot in? 

So another hour of screaming loudly encouraging the kids that the mess needed to be picked up now... and I got some movement, the living room was clean.  I served them pancakes and strawberry milk, they all ate well.  Then I informed them again that they needed to pick up Isabel and Tyler's rooms in order to play or watch tv.  Yeah... right... about five minutes later they were all playing again. 

I swear I must talk in greek or chinese or something... I thought I was being more than clear.  I have not been so stressed out by these kids in months.  Lately  they've been really good about cleaning and picking up their rooms... today they regressed.

I finally went in to find the three of them on the floor playing, with a beautiful mess in the background... OK SERIOUSLY I AM DONE!  (this they understood!)  They had 5 minutes to clean or I was coming back with a garbage bag and I was doing the cleaning.

Five minutes later, all was well again!  Partially at least... At this point I a told Isabel and Tyler they needed to get ready to shower and get dressed, Isabel's friend says to me "Ok... I'll stay until they are ready..."

Ummmm, NO... Sorry you need to leave now.  I generally don't throw out my kids friends, but seriously I had had enough. 

Sooo, I am now taking a breather... checking out CAT on crochet list and hoping I will not strangle my children today!

I have pics and updates on the last few days, but right now I don't have the patience to write anything else.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wordless Wednesday- Who needs the gym???

Happy Wednesday!  if you are playing along this week, link up here at Cate's site... and check out some other fellow wednesdayers.

Do two sets everyday for fabulous beach worthy buns and legs!


Monday, January 11, 2010

germy germy germs....

We are officially a germy sick household!  I thought I was in the clear because Tyler had gotten over his ear infection and is getting better on the pneumonia, but ooh did I under estimate the power of the sick germ!  Sebastian came down with the cold on thursday night... needless to say he is not the best of patients!  The poor thing has been all congested, bugger bubbles and all!  NOT FUN!  Apparently five month old babies do not understand the need to blow one's nose or in their case the removal of said buggers with the dreaded bulb suction syrienge thingy. 

It has become a two man job to get the gook out of poor Sebastian's nose... I feel awful, but its for his own good!  He's not buying into it and has decided he will fight me at all costs to keep his boogeys right where they are!

This is how he looked on friday morning... not THAT bad... a little LOT drooley, breathing mostly through his mouth due to the horrendous collection of snot accumulating in his sinuses... but still cute and happy for the most part...

Friday night... was a WHOLE 'nother story!  My poor baby grew progressively sicker as the day went on, and by Saturday he was barely awake.  At least just long enough to cough, cry, gag then puke all the snot onto me that was clogging his nose.  Yes, I know... not the prettiest of pictures but its the truth man!

So this has been my poor baby since saturday... Oh, and the nights are even better because I'm afraid to lay him in his crib to sleep because the phlegm is sooo thick... I'm afraid he'll vomit and not be able to turn his head or get it out of his mouth! So I've had a new bed partner... I'll admit the cutest one I could ask for... but come on now... who wants to sleep with a baby coughing and crying on top of them ALL night?

I love sleeping with him on my chest, but I hate to see him soo miserable!  Off to the pedi's office we went today, and like I already knew... he has a really bad cold!  No, really??? but, that's the verdict... although I will admit that today the stupid swine flu crawled into my mind... and kinda scared me a bit.  So I am glad I went and confirmed it is just a cold.

Oh, and for those of you (as if anyone actually reads my blog) that don't have children... You KNOW I came down with a cold too!  There is only so much coughing and sneezing a person's immune system can take before you get it too!  So I'm trying to keep my germs to myself, as Isabel is the ONLY person in our house to still be healthy!

So.. sniff, sniff... I will leave you with that... that is how I have spent the last two days... hence the lack in blogging!

But do not fear, I have stuff from middle and end of last week, some pics and stuff...I will post tomorrow... really I will...


Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

So this is my first time participating in Friday Fragments, brought to you by the lovely Mrs. 4444.  I love to read other's fragments, especially my friend Melanie's at Smellyann Strikes Again... her kids are too cute! 

I thought I would let you all get a glimpse of the "wittiness" of my children, at least the two that are able to verbalize...   so I hope you enjoy!

**The kids got a Wii for christmas, so of course this is the toy of the moment... While playing Wii Fit, Tyler (5 yo) and Isabel (10 yo) created their "Mii's" and were weighing in and getting ready to be fit... Tyler gets on the Wii fit board and the starts getting weighed... Isabel says to him "Tyler you gotta practice your body control"... to which Tyler responds with a very serious tone "it's not fun about my body control!!!" 

**Tyler came down with the beginnings of pneumonia this week, so he has been home sick all week.  Isabel on tuesday asks after getting home from school, "Mom, so how's Tylers ammonia doing today?"  I say, Bella its PNEUMONIA not ammonia... "Yeah mom... that"

**Wednesday after school, Isabel inquires "so mom, is Tyler's anacoma any better today?"  WHAT??? haa haa haa... Isabel, do you mean PNEUMONIA?  "Yeah mom, that's what I said"

** Tyler asked me this week if we would be going to Colombia on thursday this week... ummm, no Ty we can't go on Thursday because we don't have that kind of money to go right now.  His response to me is "But mom, I have like a hundred twenty fifteen dollars in my piggy bank... I can pay for the tickets!!!"   I love my boy!!!!

That's all I got right now... its been a slow and very sick week here in the Castano home!


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wordless Wednesday- 80's throw back

Link up here if you playing along this week....

For all of us that remember Run DMC!!!! Meet the newest member!

All that I can say is.... "WALK THIS WAY!!!  Talk this waaayyy..."

Happy Wednesday!


Update.... sick, sick, sick

Ok... so my sick child with pneumonia and an ear infection is up and playing Wii fit!!!  I think he's feeling better!!!

At least he's not moping and whimpering like he was the rest of the week!!!!  I'll take it.


Sick, sick, sick

I finally have a moment to sit and type up this little post to update you all, (all two of you!) on our actions of the last few weeks.  I've wanted to post since last month, but life has not motivated me nor given me reason to!

So let's start with monday... I woke up to find Tyler burning up with a fever of 104.1!! What the...  granted he seemed sniffley on sunday and he spent about 90% of the day napping, which is not normal for him.  But it was freezing and snowy out, so I just figured he didn't feel good and since there was nothing else to do why not nap?! Right... WRONG!  My poor baby was burning up, coughing something awful and look like death warmed over!  So I got on the phone and got an appointment to bring him in to get checked.  Well, let me tell you, good thing I did... poor Tyler has an ear infection and the beginning of pneumonia in his left lung!  Where the hell did that come from! 

Since his fever was so high, he had that rapid breathing that no mother likes to see... nor the doctor apparently, because Dr. Cruise decided that she wanted his pulse/ox taken to see what his oxygen levels were.  Not good!  I was told that normal for a 5 year old is 95-100% saturation, Tyler was at 92%... low!  So she gave him a nebulizer treatment and afterwards his levels went up to 93%.  Still not good, but a little better.  So she wrote a prescription for ammoxicilan and told me to come back tomorrow for her to check his O2 levels again.

So on tuesday I hiked over to the clinic again, with Tyler and Sebastian, and again his O2 levels were at 92! Not good!!!  But he still had a fever of 102 and was coughing a lot!  So another nebulizer treatment, and his level was at 93 again... this time the doctor told me to give him an inhaler treatment 3 times a day to help his lungs open up and get the junk out. 

Off to bed with the sick boy, and lots of TLC... I prayed a little, because it just breaks my heart to see any of my babies sick and there is nothing I can do other than give medicine. My poor baby just lay in bed all day monday, all day tuesday.... Thankfully last night though, I heard him cough a lot less then he had the other two nights.

AND... lo and behold this morning, no fever, well 99.3, and a much healthier looking boy telling me "mami, I feel sooo much better today!"   Thank you Lord!!!  Tyler has been playing and moving around... no naps today! 

We went to the clinic for another check of his O2 today at 1pm.... his temp was still at 99.1 and his O2 level was up to 95%!!!! Yea team!  I was sooo happy, and the doctor also noted that he looked so much better!  So she told me to finish the antibiotic and give him the inhaler three times a day for the next two days, then after that only if he seemed tight in the chest.   She would follow up with him at his physical on the 28th!

So right now, Ty's in the living room watching Sponge Bob... woo freaking hoo!!!  but he's not lethargic and he is actually up and about, requesting food... I love it when my baby feels better!

So taking care of my sick boy and running around to the doctor's has taken up the last three days of my life.

and with that... I will leave you for now.  I need to get dinner started, I just realized its 5pm and I'm HUNGRY!!!!  I'm thinking maybe grilled chicken breasts with mashed cauliflower with cheese and garlic!  oooh.... I'm running to the kitchen right now!!!!

More soon, I promise!