Saturday, January 16, 2010

Today is not turning out to be a good day!

Ok, so stupid stupid me decided that I would let my daughter have a friend sleep over last night... PLEASE PLEASE .. P-L-E-A-S-E  kick me in the arse if I ever mention that I am even vauguely considering letting Isabel have a friend sleep over again.

Dear Lord I need LOTS of patience this morning... These two girls managed to trash Isabel's room, Tyler's room AND my living room between the hours of 7am and 9:30am!!!!

I got out of bed at 7 because apparently the two girls and Tyler thought it would be an excellent idea to play Rock Band at this hour... VERY loud and with the tv against the wall on which our head board is... it sounded like they were in my room!!!! WTF!! Seriously... its saturday morning and Sebastian was still asleep, there is no reason for me to be up out of bed.  Ok, so I stressed to them that NO RockBand at this hour and that they needed to keep the noise levels down to quiet.   Apparently this request was made to them in chinese because for the next hour and a half I had to get up twice more to remind them that if they are all in the same room there is no need to be screaming at each other!

When I was finally starting to fall asleep again, Sebastian woke up.... that was it for my sleep.  So I feed the baby and decided that since it was 9am I would get up and make the kids some breakfast.  OH MY GOD!!!! My house looked like a tornado had blown threw it!  Seriously my apartment is not that big, and there was stuff EVERYWHERE!    I think there was steam coming out of my ears... because they looked a little scared... "You need to pick up EVERYTHING NOW!"  Ridiculous, why do they need to trash every room they set foot in? 

So another hour of screaming loudly encouraging the kids that the mess needed to be picked up now... and I got some movement, the living room was clean.  I served them pancakes and strawberry milk, they all ate well.  Then I informed them again that they needed to pick up Isabel and Tyler's rooms in order to play or watch tv.  Yeah... right... about five minutes later they were all playing again. 

I swear I must talk in greek or chinese or something... I thought I was being more than clear.  I have not been so stressed out by these kids in months.  Lately  they've been really good about cleaning and picking up their rooms... today they regressed.

I finally went in to find the three of them on the floor playing, with a beautiful mess in the background... OK SERIOUSLY I AM DONE!  (this they understood!)  They had 5 minutes to clean or I was coming back with a garbage bag and I was doing the cleaning.

Five minutes later, all was well again!  Partially at least... At this point I a told Isabel and Tyler they needed to get ready to shower and get dressed, Isabel's friend says to me "Ok... I'll stay until they are ready..."

Ummmm, NO... Sorry you need to leave now.  I generally don't throw out my kids friends, but seriously I had had enough. 

Sooo, I am now taking a breather... checking out CAT on crochet list and hoping I will not strangle my children today!

I have pics and updates on the last few days, but right now I don't have the patience to write anything else.



Smellyann said...

Oy vey, that would drive me crazy, too!

Were you in CAT last night when I was there? I didn't think so, right? I wasn't in very long, just my hosting hour really, because my friend was over until after 5 am!!!! Eeek. Hope I see you next month! :D

Tara said...

I've been considering letting Meyrick have a friend over to spend the night. He's been wanting to for a while now. But, after reading this......... I might have to more serious thinking. Wow. I'm sorry!