Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sick, sick, sick

I finally have a moment to sit and type up this little post to update you all, (all two of you!) on our actions of the last few weeks.  I've wanted to post since last month, but life has not motivated me nor given me reason to!

So let's start with monday... I woke up to find Tyler burning up with a fever of 104.1!! What the...  granted he seemed sniffley on sunday and he spent about 90% of the day napping, which is not normal for him.  But it was freezing and snowy out, so I just figured he didn't feel good and since there was nothing else to do why not nap?! Right... WRONG!  My poor baby was burning up, coughing something awful and look like death warmed over!  So I got on the phone and got an appointment to bring him in to get checked.  Well, let me tell you, good thing I did... poor Tyler has an ear infection and the beginning of pneumonia in his left lung!  Where the hell did that come from! 

Since his fever was so high, he had that rapid breathing that no mother likes to see... nor the doctor apparently, because Dr. Cruise decided that she wanted his pulse/ox taken to see what his oxygen levels were.  Not good!  I was told that normal for a 5 year old is 95-100% saturation, Tyler was at 92%... low!  So she gave him a nebulizer treatment and afterwards his levels went up to 93%.  Still not good, but a little better.  So she wrote a prescription for ammoxicilan and told me to come back tomorrow for her to check his O2 levels again.

So on tuesday I hiked over to the clinic again, with Tyler and Sebastian, and again his O2 levels were at 92! Not good!!!  But he still had a fever of 102 and was coughing a lot!  So another nebulizer treatment, and his level was at 93 again... this time the doctor told me to give him an inhaler treatment 3 times a day to help his lungs open up and get the junk out. 

Off to bed with the sick boy, and lots of TLC... I prayed a little, because it just breaks my heart to see any of my babies sick and there is nothing I can do other than give medicine. My poor baby just lay in bed all day monday, all day tuesday.... Thankfully last night though, I heard him cough a lot less then he had the other two nights.

AND... lo and behold this morning, no fever, well 99.3, and a much healthier looking boy telling me "mami, I feel sooo much better today!"   Thank you Lord!!!  Tyler has been playing and moving around... no naps today! 

We went to the clinic for another check of his O2 today at 1pm.... his temp was still at 99.1 and his O2 level was up to 95%!!!! Yea team!  I was sooo happy, and the doctor also noted that he looked so much better!  So she told me to finish the antibiotic and give him the inhaler three times a day for the next two days, then after that only if he seemed tight in the chest.   She would follow up with him at his physical on the 28th!

So right now, Ty's in the living room watching Sponge Bob... woo freaking hoo!!!  but he's not lethargic and he is actually up and about, requesting food... I love it when my baby feels better!

So taking care of my sick boy and running around to the doctor's has taken up the last three days of my life.

and with that... I will leave you for now.  I need to get dinner started, I just realized its 5pm and I'm HUNGRY!!!!  I'm thinking maybe grilled chicken breasts with mashed cauliflower with cheese and garlic!  oooh.... I'm running to the kitchen right now!!!!

More soon, I promise!



Tara said...

Oh my gosh!!! I am so glad that he is better now!! I couldn't imagine! I'm so sorry I didn't see this earlier. I would have definitely prayed for him!

Smellyann said...

Poor baby!! Glad he's feeling better!!