Monday, January 11, 2010

germy germy germs....

We are officially a germy sick household!  I thought I was in the clear because Tyler had gotten over his ear infection and is getting better on the pneumonia, but ooh did I under estimate the power of the sick germ!  Sebastian came down with the cold on thursday night... needless to say he is not the best of patients!  The poor thing has been all congested, bugger bubbles and all!  NOT FUN!  Apparently five month old babies do not understand the need to blow one's nose or in their case the removal of said buggers with the dreaded bulb suction syrienge thingy. 

It has become a two man job to get the gook out of poor Sebastian's nose... I feel awful, but its for his own good!  He's not buying into it and has decided he will fight me at all costs to keep his boogeys right where they are!

This is how he looked on friday morning... not THAT bad... a little LOT drooley, breathing mostly through his mouth due to the horrendous collection of snot accumulating in his sinuses... but still cute and happy for the most part...

Friday night... was a WHOLE 'nother story!  My poor baby grew progressively sicker as the day went on, and by Saturday he was barely awake.  At least just long enough to cough, cry, gag then puke all the snot onto me that was clogging his nose.  Yes, I know... not the prettiest of pictures but its the truth man!

So this has been my poor baby since saturday... Oh, and the nights are even better because I'm afraid to lay him in his crib to sleep because the phlegm is sooo thick... I'm afraid he'll vomit and not be able to turn his head or get it out of his mouth! So I've had a new bed partner... I'll admit the cutest one I could ask for... but come on now... who wants to sleep with a baby coughing and crying on top of them ALL night?

I love sleeping with him on my chest, but I hate to see him soo miserable!  Off to the pedi's office we went today, and like I already knew... he has a really bad cold!  No, really??? but, that's the verdict... although I will admit that today the stupid swine flu crawled into my mind... and kinda scared me a bit.  So I am glad I went and confirmed it is just a cold.

Oh, and for those of you (as if anyone actually reads my blog) that don't have children... You KNOW I came down with a cold too!  There is only so much coughing and sneezing a person's immune system can take before you get it too!  So I'm trying to keep my germs to myself, as Isabel is the ONLY person in our house to still be healthy!

So.. sniff, sniff... I will leave you with that... that is how I have spent the last two days... hence the lack in blogging!

But do not fear, I have stuff from middle and end of last week, some pics and stuff...I will post tomorrow... really I will...


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Tara said...

Oh my goodness. I hate it when the babies are sick (and well the older kids too). But the babies just seem so much worse. I hope he feels better soon! And you too!