Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wordless Wednesday- I have BIG news!!!!

I'll let you guess for your self what my big annoucement is this week.....

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:) chao....

Monday, December 29, 2008


Who doesn't love to see those words this time of year?? I know I do... so because I stumbled across a free movie rental at REDBOX, I decided why not share the freeness and offer you the savings as well? It's still the season of giving... right? So here's the code... 545DZ9... you can use it as many times as you have debit or credit cards... in other words one use per credit or debit card. BUT its only good for TODAY... so hurry up...

Well thanks to Melanie at Smellyann Strikes Again, (and of course Dealseeking Mom who this originates from) we can all share in the greatness of something free, even a free movie is great! So schlep yourself over to a RedBox near you and grab a good flick you and your family can cuddle up to on the couch tonight and enjoy the togetherness.

I'm heading over there as soon as I get out of work so I can snuggle with the hubby and the kiddes. We loved the first one... so I'm getting the new one tonight!


:) chao

Friday, December 26, 2008


I can't believe its over! All the wrapping, all the shopping, all the fighting for a parking space! yea!!!!

We had a great christmas! We all gathered on Christmas Eve at my uncle's house, and talked and ate, then opened presents at our traditional 12Am... not easy on the kiddies, but its tradition.

Isabel insisted that her cousin and her had decided that we must open presents earlier... but nope... I had to wait, you'll have to wait. Its how we do things! She definitely was not happy about this answer, but thems are the breaks. She was fine... and more than happy when she got to start opening presents.

Poor Tyler though, konked out at 10pm... he was such a trooper though. With his half closed sleepy eyes he says "I'm not tired mommy... I can wait for my presents" and about 2 minutes later this is what I find!

Yes, he's asleep on the stairs... typical Vargas behavior.

My poor baby... so up he went to take a nap until it was time to open up presents.

This is Ty's best "I'm smiling but I'm in a coma" smile for the camera.....

Of course, her's Isabel showing off her new kicks... mighty cute too I must add...

Poor Tyler still looks half asleep and he manage to get this one unwrapped in about 5 minutes with much prodding from yours truley!

And open up presents they did! Little do they know that when they get home on sunday theres more to open! My sister and mother saved a couple to give them at home! So it should be fun.

I truley love to see them enjoy this time of year- the lights, the snow, the presents, the sharing with the family. How can anyone not enjoy this, but when you see it through the eyes of a child its that much better.

OOH and by the way... Isabel loved her hat and wore it yesterday all morning!

I hope you and your families have a wonderful christmas!

Monday, December 22, 2008


Have I told you how much I hate christmas shopping? Have I also mentioned the I HATE trying to figure out what I should buy for people... now don't get me wrong, I am not a scrooge, but I really don't like buying presents. AND I absolutely don't like being in stores crowded by people trying to buy things and being rude the entire time as if this is the last box of chocolates on the planet!

So... that being said, I have made some gifts this year. I say some because like always I over estimate my dedication to making something and getting it done on time! BUT Isabel's hat is done! I am very proud to say it only took me the two and a half days I said it would and Its beautiful.

But rather than unveil the finished product at once... I'll show you some progress... because progress it good and encouraging.

The best part about this gift is that I was in Michaels with her the other day and she pointed out the very same yarn and said to me that she would absolutely LOVE for me to make her something in this yarn in this color because its her color. I bought this yarn, with her in mind, about 2 months ago and I thought to myself, this is a beautiful color for Isabel. Great minds think alike!

and... here.. it... is!

Once I give it to her I'll post a pic of her wearing it... I was so tempted to ask her to try it on last night, but I resisted so she can be surprised on christmas.

And my dad's getting a hat too... by request, and since I know I can get it done on time... no sweat! Two less presents I have to shop for in the hell that is the mall.

Is it just me or do the holidays bring out the worst in shoppers?

For those of you who have finished your shopping and wrapping like most normal people.. yeah shut up! stop gloating.... I know I suck! and the rest of us that haven't even started yet... good luck!!


Wednesday, December 17, 2008


We woke up this morning to find the ground gloriously covered in that wonderful winter snow. Oh how lovely it is... until you have to go brush all the snow off your car, and your slipping sliding on the road, and all the stupid drivers come out to scare the living bejeezus out of us.

So as I grumbled at all the stupid drivers on the road today... yes I know not very pc BUT come on who speeds and purposely tries to slip on an icey road and isn't stupid???? I made my way to work and realized, hey at least I don't have to shovel this year! :) NICE

So, I made out pretty good in last weeks storm compared to most. I had my electricity back by Saturday afternoon and was able to go home and shower and sleep in my bed and watch tv. It is now Wednesday, almost a week after the ice storm and people are still without power. The worst part is they are now predicting snow Friday night, somewhere in the 6" plus range... and then snow on sunday again. So I'm mighty grateful to be able to come home to a warm house and snuggle up and watch tv.

My dad's one of those that still has no power and no heat, his house literally got grazed by a huge oak and he's lucky to be here today. The tree landed about 5 inches from the side of the house where he sleeps! Take a look....

That corner room you see right there... is my dad's bedroom! Needless to say it was not a very restful night for him! But thak God that nothing serious happened and that there weren't SEVERE damages to the house.

Yes... that is me prancing on the ginormous tree in my dad's front yard! I look like a delicate butterfly taking flight.... haaa who am I kidding! I'm a ham and I love posing for the camera... even though I'm in denial but oh well... no wonder Isabel loves the camera!

So, that's my report on this first round of wonderful winter weather... hopefully this is not a sign of things to come or I might seriously start thinking about moving further south!

ooh... and its GIRL SCOUT cookie time again! O yes sirey bob! I got my cookie order forms in hand and we are ready to start selling... and dreaming about the yumminess that are thin mint cookies, and their short bread with fudge, and better yet the new Daisy cookies that have cinnamon sprinkle.... oooh... I need to go to the gym just thinking about them!

So... on this note I will leave you with this woderful sight...

Yummm... you know you want some... so hit me up and help my girls! Troop #30340!

Chao baby....

Wordless Wednesday

In honor of having electricity..... how a couple of days without it makes you love it so much more!
I'm still playing... so I'm linking here....

Friday, December 12, 2008

something yummy...

Since I have to apparently sleep in frigid temps tonight due to a lack of power in central Massachusetts due to Jack Frost and his cohorts of winter weather, I've trolling the internet for something warm. And of course, since I have no electricity and can not make some hot chocolate when I get home, what do I want most???? A big, hot mug of hot chocolate with home made marshmallows that I just saw here My Little Loves is this not the most scrumpdidiliumpcious looking mug of hot coco you ever did see???

When I get my power up and running I am sooo making myself some hot coco and a batch of these yummilicious home made marshmallows.

Now you want some too... you know you do... go ahead, admit it.... its ok. ;) I'm a bad influence.

Hopefully my power will come on before the monday prediction that National Grid is handing out! Otherwise... stay warm, and enjoy some hot coco and think of me!


Winter Wonderland

Last night I think half of the United States (at least the entire Eastern Seacoast) was hit with a lovely winter storm... mostly rain, but lucky folks like myself got some ice thrown in for some fun.

Wonderful you would say... it is winter after all, right?? Yeah, right! As of 11 pm last night I have no power... translation... no heat, can't cook, no hot water... and the temp outside is a balmy 32 degrees. I spent the night shivering everytime I rolled out of my warm spot under the blankets or moved my head to a part of the pillow not warmed by my squash... and listening to tree limbs snap, crackle and pop their way to the ground. Luckily I live in an apartment and the trees are a bit away from the unit, but still... not a very comforting sound.

So I get up this morning and STILL NO POWER and my aparment is like 15 degrees (yes I'm exagerating but it felt like it!) and this is the seen outside.....

oh, and this is what the tops looked like....

Thankfully both my hubby's and my cars were spared any tree limb damage.

And although the state of Masscahusetts is in a state of emergency... who has to go to work... YOU KNOW IT! WTF.... anyways the bright side is that at least here I have heat, hot coffee, a microwave and the INTERNET! :) how sad that this is my saving grace today.

But since I work on the 4th floor of our building, I was able to snap some pretty pics of the ice encrusted trees and the crazy little birds trying to figure out why they can't get their feet warm.

and .....

I don't know about you... but I'm all set with the cold now... bring on the sun and warmth... damn it this is just the beginning.... forecast is predicting single digits tomorrow! I'm gonna have to knit myself something warm tonight!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

need I say more??? pssst... TARGET...

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Visions of Sugar Plums....

My sweet ballerina showed off her stuff this weekend in her dance studio's annual presentation of The Nutcracker. Every year they allow the girls (students) from the studio ages 7 and up to audition for parts in the annual show.... and my Bella was picked to be Ribbon Candy in the Land of the Sweets... and of course a Snow Flake candle bearer.
This has become a yearly tradition for the past three years, and although it requires me to almost drag her to practice on saturday and sunday from the middle of October up until the week of the show (December 7th) and much complaining from her and sighing from me... and wishing that I would talk her out of it instead of encouraging her.... but Sunday showed that it all pays off.
The show was magnificent! ALL the students did an excellent job and I don't think the Boston Ballet holds a light up to the talent that was demonstrated.... ok, I'm a proud mom... and a little on the exagerrating side, but its my blog and I can.

So here are a few pics of the ballerina...

This is my favorite shot... I really don't know why, but I love it...

Here she's showing off for me because this was the final run through were we could take pics and she found me in the audience.... what a ham...

and here is a little snipit of video so you can see the talented Miss Isabel doing her thing...

Notice how she looks for the camera??? What a ham...

So this was the excitement for the weekend... run around to dress rehearsals, practice, run throughs... for this wonderful moment where my little ballerina could shine!


Friday, December 5, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Chrismas

This is for those of us who are still not in the Christmas spirit...

and I thought I was doing good because I had thought about getting a tree this weekend. :)

AND if that wasn't enough for you... how 'bout this one???


Pay It Forward Friday

Pay It Forward Friday - 12/5/08
So I saw this on An Iowa Mom's website, and I think its pretty neat... exposes us to a some interesting and funny blogs I may not have discovered on my own.

SO I decided to play... because playing is gooood. If anyone (that would be you... darcie and melanie) wants to play.. try it and lets see what happens.

Who knows... Maybe I'll get more readers! NICE!!!!!

If you want to play, it's REALLY simple and fast, you can find out how HERE.

Ok so first I went to SmellyAnn Strikes Again... Mel I love your sight, it always make me laugh or smile...

Since I have never read this blog before I figured I'd hop on over to

and then I went to You, Me and a Dog Blog - ok.. how can you not go to that site! Just the name alone does it for me!

So there you have it folks (yes all two of you) check it out, come play... lets see what happens.

Thanks An Iowa Mom for giving me something neat to add to my blog.


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Mornings... uuugggghhh!

What do you mean its 7:50 AM and you have to go to work???

Need I say more???

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Ok, so I would love to tell you that I am giving something away... but I'm not.

BUT there is a pretty neat book give away on one of the blogs I follow... An Iowa Mom she is giving away a cute christmas book..

and who doesn't want to read something christmasy this time of year?

And while your looking, take a peek at her blog, she kills me. She is so funny and she gives me this sense of de ja vu for some unknown reason.. hmmmm??

Well take a peek... I'll let you know if I see any other goodies to check out...


The Party

Yesterday was the big day... and it went great! Of course it was a low key hit, but a hit none the less. I rushed home from work to take Isabel to dance class then rushed home to start baking my Red Velvet cake with home made frosting. (I've got time) So it dawns on me that although I am expecting hubby to be good and go to class tonight after work, it is his birthday and odds are that he's not going to go to class and he has already started celebrating... I'm not a gambling woman, but my money is on the later.

So I decide to call and make sure when he's coming home... good thing or I'd still be waiting for him to come home! So we decide that 9ish is a good time, as this is the time he normally would be home... so GREAT its almost 7pm at this point and I still have to go get Isabel at 8pm! But I've got time, I can do it. So I bake and I cook up some frosting, and I take off to go get Isabel, and its 8:30pm by the time I get home... CRAP that leaves me 30 minutes to cook up my shrimp scampi dish, and i have yet to de-tail my shrimp... and there's the phone. Its my hubby, can I come get him... he doesn't want to drive... DOUBLE CRAP!!! Ok, here's the deal, I'll get you at 9pm, gives us both another 30 minutes...

Well, let me tell you, I got my frosting made, my cake put together and frosted and in the fridge to set up. I got my shrimp detailed, cooked up and baking while I made up my spaghetti, all while I'm barking directions to my kids to get shoes on, get your coats, STOP FIGHTING!!! And with 2 minutes to spare I get my shrimp out and into my cooked pasta and warming while I'm getting ready to run out the door! Damn I'm good!

So we all get home and get the candles on the cake and "happy birthday to you honey!!"

My cake was a hit, everyone loved it.... and how could you not... I did make it from scratch. (shut up I know I'm bragging but I'm entitled) I mean just look at this beauty....

Ok, so the frosting is not the best, but it sure tasted great!!! and that smile says it all...

Then, onto the best part... well at least if you ask me... SHRIMP SCAMPI. And yes, its home made too... I was on a Martha Stewart type kick last night if you hadn't noticed.

Let me just tell you it tasted as good as it looks! IMO and again... I'm entitled.

All in all, it was nice, hubby was suprised, the kids had a blast and too much sugar at 9pm... We did not however all hide under the table as Tyler had wanted, just not a good idea. But we had a good time, the hubby was surprised and ate happily.

I can't wait to get home to eat some cake!!!! Then I'm gonna HAVE to go to the gym... I guess this is a good thing... right???

I'll just keep telling myself that for now... it sounds good.

Monday, December 1, 2008

My First Sale!!!!

So friday, I decided I was going to sign up for an Etsy's shop. I spend so much money on yarn and other craft "things" that I might as well see if I can try to sell some of it... so I can buy more yarn and craft "things!

Well, I had been contemplating the idea for awhile now, but I always end up thinking that no one will buy my creations. Not that they are SUPER original... but I like them, and so don't my kids! So I bit the bullet and registered and opened shop on Friday the 29th. I listed a few things, some hats I had knitted, a scarf I knitted in Paton's Bohemian (this has got to be the ultimate in soft yarn) and a round baby blanket... I figured why overwhelm my potential buyers.

So, I felt good, I thought to myself- I have some nice items, cute colors, and priced relatively "cheap" but what the heck its a bargain! and I'm all about the bargains lately.

Well, I apparently woke up optimistic on Saturday, and decided I would check my email, and lo and behold... I have received a Paypal payment... odd? I'm not expecting any money... So I investigate... and GUESS WHAT???? I sold my luciously soft scarf on Etsy!! WOO HOO!!!!

So the moral of my drawl.... never doubt your talent! At least that's what comes to mind right now! So PLEASE take a peek at my Etsy shop... I'm happy knitting and crocheting away to post more goodies for sale!