Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Party

Yesterday was the big day... and it went great! Of course it was a low key hit, but a hit none the less. I rushed home from work to take Isabel to dance class then rushed home to start baking my Red Velvet cake with home made frosting. (I've got time) So it dawns on me that although I am expecting hubby to be good and go to class tonight after work, it is his birthday and odds are that he's not going to go to class and he has already started celebrating... I'm not a gambling woman, but my money is on the later.

So I decide to call and make sure when he's coming home... good thing or I'd still be waiting for him to come home! So we decide that 9ish is a good time, as this is the time he normally would be home... so GREAT its almost 7pm at this point and I still have to go get Isabel at 8pm! But I've got time, I can do it. So I bake and I cook up some frosting, and I take off to go get Isabel, and its 8:30pm by the time I get home... CRAP that leaves me 30 minutes to cook up my shrimp scampi dish, and i have yet to de-tail my shrimp... and there's the phone. Its my hubby, can I come get him... he doesn't want to drive... DOUBLE CRAP!!! Ok, here's the deal, I'll get you at 9pm, gives us both another 30 minutes...

Well, let me tell you, I got my frosting made, my cake put together and frosted and in the fridge to set up. I got my shrimp detailed, cooked up and baking while I made up my spaghetti, all while I'm barking directions to my kids to get shoes on, get your coats, STOP FIGHTING!!! And with 2 minutes to spare I get my shrimp out and into my cooked pasta and warming while I'm getting ready to run out the door! Damn I'm good!

So we all get home and get the candles on the cake and "happy birthday to you honey!!"

My cake was a hit, everyone loved it.... and how could you not... I did make it from scratch. (shut up I know I'm bragging but I'm entitled) I mean just look at this beauty....

Ok, so the frosting is not the best, but it sure tasted great!!! and that smile says it all...

Then, onto the best part... well at least if you ask me... SHRIMP SCAMPI. And yes, its home made too... I was on a Martha Stewart type kick last night if you hadn't noticed.

Let me just tell you it tasted as good as it looks! IMO and again... I'm entitled.

All in all, it was nice, hubby was suprised, the kids had a blast and too much sugar at 9pm... We did not however all hide under the table as Tyler had wanted, just not a good idea. But we had a good time, the hubby was surprised and ate happily.

I can't wait to get home to eat some cake!!!! Then I'm gonna HAVE to go to the gym... I guess this is a good thing... right???

I'll just keep telling myself that for now... it sounds good.

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