Friday, December 12, 2008

something yummy...

Since I have to apparently sleep in frigid temps tonight due to a lack of power in central Massachusetts due to Jack Frost and his cohorts of winter weather, I've trolling the internet for something warm. And of course, since I have no electricity and can not make some hot chocolate when I get home, what do I want most???? A big, hot mug of hot chocolate with home made marshmallows that I just saw here My Little Loves is this not the most scrumpdidiliumpcious looking mug of hot coco you ever did see???

When I get my power up and running I am sooo making myself some hot coco and a batch of these yummilicious home made marshmallows.

Now you want some too... you know you do... go ahead, admit it.... its ok. ;) I'm a bad influence.

Hopefully my power will come on before the monday prediction that National Grid is handing out! Otherwise... stay warm, and enjoy some hot coco and think of me!


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