Monday, December 1, 2008

My First Sale!!!!

So friday, I decided I was going to sign up for an Etsy's shop. I spend so much money on yarn and other craft "things" that I might as well see if I can try to sell some of it... so I can buy more yarn and craft "things!

Well, I had been contemplating the idea for awhile now, but I always end up thinking that no one will buy my creations. Not that they are SUPER original... but I like them, and so don't my kids! So I bit the bullet and registered and opened shop on Friday the 29th. I listed a few things, some hats I had knitted, a scarf I knitted in Paton's Bohemian (this has got to be the ultimate in soft yarn) and a round baby blanket... I figured why overwhelm my potential buyers.

So, I felt good, I thought to myself- I have some nice items, cute colors, and priced relatively "cheap" but what the heck its a bargain! and I'm all about the bargains lately.

Well, I apparently woke up optimistic on Saturday, and decided I would check my email, and lo and behold... I have received a Paypal payment... odd? I'm not expecting any money... So I investigate... and GUESS WHAT???? I sold my luciously soft scarf on Etsy!! WOO HOO!!!!

So the moral of my drawl.... never doubt your talent! At least that's what comes to mind right now! So PLEASE take a peek at my Etsy shop... I'm happy knitting and crocheting away to post more goodies for sale!



Smellyann said...

Awesome job, congratulations!!! i KNOW THAT'S EXciting. :D

darcie said...

you have me thinking that i might give it a go :)