Wednesday, December 17, 2008


We woke up this morning to find the ground gloriously covered in that wonderful winter snow. Oh how lovely it is... until you have to go brush all the snow off your car, and your slipping sliding on the road, and all the stupid drivers come out to scare the living bejeezus out of us.

So as I grumbled at all the stupid drivers on the road today... yes I know not very pc BUT come on who speeds and purposely tries to slip on an icey road and isn't stupid???? I made my way to work and realized, hey at least I don't have to shovel this year! :) NICE

So, I made out pretty good in last weeks storm compared to most. I had my electricity back by Saturday afternoon and was able to go home and shower and sleep in my bed and watch tv. It is now Wednesday, almost a week after the ice storm and people are still without power. The worst part is they are now predicting snow Friday night, somewhere in the 6" plus range... and then snow on sunday again. So I'm mighty grateful to be able to come home to a warm house and snuggle up and watch tv.

My dad's one of those that still has no power and no heat, his house literally got grazed by a huge oak and he's lucky to be here today. The tree landed about 5 inches from the side of the house where he sleeps! Take a look....

That corner room you see right there... is my dad's bedroom! Needless to say it was not a very restful night for him! But thak God that nothing serious happened and that there weren't SEVERE damages to the house.

Yes... that is me prancing on the ginormous tree in my dad's front yard! I look like a delicate butterfly taking flight.... haaa who am I kidding! I'm a ham and I love posing for the camera... even though I'm in denial but oh well... no wonder Isabel loves the camera!

So, that's my report on this first round of wonderful winter weather... hopefully this is not a sign of things to come or I might seriously start thinking about moving further south!

ooh... and its GIRL SCOUT cookie time again! O yes sirey bob! I got my cookie order forms in hand and we are ready to start selling... and dreaming about the yumminess that are thin mint cookies, and their short bread with fudge, and better yet the new Daisy cookies that have cinnamon sprinkle.... oooh... I need to go to the gym just thinking about them!

So... on this note I will leave you with this woderful sight...

Yummm... you know you want some... so hit me up and help my girls! Troop #30340!

Chao baby....

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