Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

So this is my first time participating in Friday Fragments, brought to you by the lovely Mrs. 4444.  I love to read other's fragments, especially my friend Melanie's at Smellyann Strikes Again... her kids are too cute! 

I thought I would let you all get a glimpse of the "wittiness" of my children, at least the two that are able to verbalize...   so I hope you enjoy!

**The kids got a Wii for christmas, so of course this is the toy of the moment... While playing Wii Fit, Tyler (5 yo) and Isabel (10 yo) created their "Mii's" and were weighing in and getting ready to be fit... Tyler gets on the Wii fit board and the starts getting weighed... Isabel says to him "Tyler you gotta practice your body control"... to which Tyler responds with a very serious tone "it's not fun about my body control!!!" 

**Tyler came down with the beginnings of pneumonia this week, so he has been home sick all week.  Isabel on tuesday asks after getting home from school, "Mom, so how's Tylers ammonia doing today?"  I say, Bella its PNEUMONIA not ammonia... "Yeah mom... that"

**Wednesday after school, Isabel inquires "so mom, is Tyler's anacoma any better today?"  WHAT??? haa haa haa... Isabel, do you mean PNEUMONIA?  "Yeah mom, that's what I said"

** Tyler asked me this week if we would be going to Colombia on thursday this week... ummm, no Ty we can't go on Thursday because we don't have that kind of money to go right now.  His response to me is "But mom, I have like a hundred twenty fifteen dollars in my piggy bank... I can pay for the tickets!!!"   I love my boy!!!!

That's all I got right now... its been a slow and very sick week here in the Castano home!



Amy said...

Why is it the kids who always have the money? I'm not beneath taking a loan from my tween. Hope Tyler is on the mend soon.

mub said...

A hundred twenty fifteen! I love it =)

Smellyann said...

anacoma, lol

Hope he's feeling better by now!