Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Would you rather.....

Ok, so I "borrowed" this from Stephanie at Our Life in Words... Again because I am sooooo original....

Here's another edition of Would You Rather...? Hosted by Momdot!

I'd rather do the ones in bold!

Would You Rather…

*read the book or see the movie?

*get liposuction or a boob job? I've already gotten lipo and it wasn't that bad... and I would definitely do it again! Besides my girls are just fine and don't need any added padding!

*drive a SUV or a Mini Van?

*Eat a cup of mayonnaise or a cup of horseradish? ummm why would I even want to do either?

*vote for an honest but stupid politician or a liar with tremendous savvy?

*walk in circles through a revolving door 1000 times or hang upside down in an elevator for three hours? Only because I'm sure I'd throw up waaaay before the 1000 time around

*clean up after all the animals at the zoo or clean up at a slaughterhouse?

*give up veggies or fruit?

*rewind to the days before you had kids or fast forward to the day you have grandbabies?
hmmmm, tough but I don't want to fast forward through my kids being young and fun

*learn from past mistakes or try again in hopes for better results? Although both options have potential

Wanna play?
Be sure to post your replies on Momdot too! And let me know if you play along in the comments!

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