Thursday, January 22, 2009


I'm baaaaccckkk! whew... illness has made its evil way through my home over the last two weeks, and let me tell you... it has not been fun!

First my poor Tyler woke up last monday with a fever of 103.8 and it stayed that way until at least 9:00am before I was actually able to speak to a person at his doctor's office. But as many of you may know, the typical response from the triage nurse is "oh there's a flu going around, and it sounds like he has it. Just give him lots of liquids and he'll be fine." Ummm, ok. From what I know the flu does not give temps of 103.8, but ok. So I go to my poor limp baby and tell him to blow his nose and right away... OUCH! Mommy my ear hurts! AAAAHHHAAAAA!!!! So I call the nurse back... yeah, its me again, you know I think I'm gonna bring him in. Yeah I'm almost positive he has an ear infection. And wouldn't you know... I was right! So I spent the ENTIRE day with my poor sick and sniffly, ear infected son laying on me all day. And when he wasn't laying on me he was following me around like a lost soul, telling me "mommy, I love you! Are you gonna come sit with me?" poor thing...

Well he got better in a day or two, but then my hubby came down with the real flu. AND as many of you may know a sick husband is often time WORSE than a sick child! So from Friday to Monday I nursed a sick hubby that whined more than my son, and its officially his fault I am sick!

Yup, I woke up on monday with a stupid cough and awful chest pain that only gt increasingly worse as I sat at my desk on monday. GRRRRRR, and since I am only 9 weeks pregnant, I can't take a damn thing for my cough. Oh, but I can take cough drops, and we all know how those help for chest pains associated with my cough. Well a couple of calls to my primary care dr, and it seems I was probably getting bronchitis again! So a few antibiotics later, the chest pain is gone and the cough is pretty much under control, but now I this stupid runny nose and some post-nasal drip to go along with that. So I'm better... just not great!

Ok, so now that I have whined to you about my sorry sorry life for the last week. I'm done. Thanks!

So in between all this illness, I have made some progress on my first knit baby sweater. You wanna see?????

Well come back a little later and I'll post my pics!


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darcie said...

you can't tease me on the pics of the baby sweater! i am dying to see... what pattern are you doing?