Thursday, January 22, 2009

My work in progress

Ok, so here is my current work in progress... I like it. I'm making a baby sweater in Lion Brand Baby Soft in Lemon Drop, I'm using a Plymouth Yarn pattern. So ideally when I finish... this is what it should look like.
For my first REAL knit project, besides scarves, I'm pretty happy so far... of course its in pieces... but its coming. I think it looks like it could look like it should in the pattern. What do you think????

I absolutely love this color too! I started on one sleeve today at lunch... I expect to finish that one tonight. So with any luck I can finish the whole thing over the weekend.

My next project is a red sweater for Tyler. This is by request, I took him into Michael's with me the other day and he right away went to a bright red yarn and was like.... OOOOHHH mommy, isn't this the nicest color you ever saw! I think I would like a red sweater with this yarn.

How do you say no to that??? So a red sweater it 'tis... now for a pattern.



Smellyann said...

It looks great! Good job! Can't wait to see the finished product.

Sorry everyone's been so sick. I hope y'all are back to better again soon!

stan said...

i admire your patience for that!

darcie said...

you are doing great! and moving along fast.... i just did my first fair isle hat and it was so much easier than i expected!