Saturday, January 24, 2009


OMG! It is sooo ridiculously cold today!

So today was our cookie booth sale outside out local Super Walmart, and let me tell you.... I am not a cold weather gal! I am 100% sure of this fact, I don't care that I am born and raised in New England, I do not like the cold! That's it...

Our troop set up outside the Walmart at 12:30 today to sell some cookies, and when we got there it was chilly, but bearable (yes I know this is not the right word but the right one won't come to mind right now). So Myself, my assistant and another mom set up and got our troop of six 9 year olds ready to sell cookies. Let me tell you that by 3:30pm the temp had dropped from 38ish when we got there to some were in the teens if we are lucky!!!

BUT I will give props to my girls.... we sold about 145 boxes of cookies in 3 hours! AND although at times they looked like a herd/pack of wild monkeys jumping around and shouting about girl scout cookies, they held out.

With hand/feet warmers inside our gloves and shoes, we held out until we were all numb! But we did it!

So as I am still sitting here letting my body and brain thaw, this is the best you are gonna get for now!


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Smellyann said...

Wow, your council is already doing booth sales?? We can't start with booths until Feb 20th, and our only one so far is on the 28th (but we'll get more next week at the booth lottery). Also, we're only allowed 2-4 girls and 2 adults at a booth, not the whole troop! I'm glad to know how much you sold, though, so I can plan my order!

Sorry it was cooold!