Friday, September 4, 2009

Birthdays and nostalgia

So, for the sake of playing catch up I am starting at last monday August 24th.

Monday August 24, 2009... my baby girl turned... GULP.... (wiping away a tear) the big double digit!! TEN!!! 1o!!!! DIEZ!!!!

Yes my little girl is ten years old. I can't believe its been 10 years since I had her... which is where the tears come... I'm getting old! ;0)

Ideally I would have one of the hundreds of baby pictures of my little princess to post here.. but alas, since that is pre-digital camera owning days... and I have yet to scan those pics. Does it really surprise you at all??? I'm such a slacker! So the best I can give you right now is a pic of my three year old princess....

December 2002
August 2009

I can't believe she's not this tiny anymore! It really does seem like just yesterday (ok maybe a week ago) I was coming home from the hospital with my little girl... completely overwhelmed, but totally in love with the beautiful little girl God blessed me with.
Happy Birthday Isabel... I love you more than you will ever know and I hope that you continue to grow into that beautiful young lady that will acheive all her goals and bring happiness to all who know her.

Oh... and Bella... NO you are not getting a cell phone for your birthday!!! ;o)



Smellyann said...

LOL about the cell phone, and happy birthday to her! WOW, 10!!

Tara said...

Wow...... We ARE getting old! She is a gorgeous young lady!