Friday, September 11, 2009

First Day of School

August 31, 2009

Today was Isabel's first day of school.  I still find it impossible to beleive that my little girl is in the 5th grade this year!  In less than two years she will be in middle school... OMG this child does nothing but make me feel old lately!

Needless to say she was super excited to go and see who is in her class, socialize with the friends she didn't see all summer, and of course... show off her new school clothes.  Come on, what girl doesn't love the first day of school!

Cute, right?!  She is very fashion savvy this one... a little on the casual side but hey... she matches and she's comfortable!  Oh, and don't you just LOVE the new hair cut!  I think the short bob is so cute on her, and yet it doesn't make her look like a baby anymore... *sigh*

I would like to say that I have pictures of her getting on the bus, but I got the MOM, I can't have you go to the bus with me!  Ok... so alas, I think I will no longer have the bus pics for my baby girl.

I'd love to say she had a spectacular day and came home happy and bubbly... but this is Isabel we are talking about.  She came home all pissy, apparently there is a boy on the bus that annoys the crap out of her and she of course must take it out on us.  So, after her getting yelled at for her bitchy grumpy and her storming off to her room because she's not being grumpy.... about an hour later I found out she had a really good day.  Dear Lord, if this is only going to get worse as she gets older and closer to PMSing.... save me now. 

September 2, 2009

Today was Tyler's first day of KINDERGARTEN!  I can't believe he's off to school, I feel like he just started talking in complete sentences that make sense, never mind he's old enough to go to school.  Again, I feel OLD.

Well, Tyler has been awaiting this day for the last two years.  Let me tell you he has had the fist day planned for ages.  How he's going to ride the bus, how he's going to have a ton of new friends, how he's going to eat lunch and play on the playground all day.

So last night he picked out his clothes and made sure I had his back pack all ready so he wouldn't forget anything.  I got up at 6:30 am to make sure Isabel showered and was getting ready, and that Tyler would be able to be up in time to take a shower as well.  Isabel was already dressed and ready to go at that hour, and Tyler was jumping out of bed and on his way to the bathroom to jump in the shower.   (I love the fact that they are able to do this on their own, yet somehow it makes me sad)

The bus picks up at 7:30am, one bus for K and 1st graders and a second bus for the "older" kids ie. 2-6th graders.  So again, Isabel headed out by herself and I just about had to tie Tyler to the couch to wait until 7:25am to go outside.  He was ready to go outside at 7:10 am!

Isn't he handsome!!!
Here is Tyler showing off his apple, that gives name, address and bus route info.
I love this picture. This is infront of our building as we waited for the bus.  Which did not show up until 8:05am!!!  My poor baby was wondering if the bus had forgotten them or maybe he had missed it.
Have you ever seen a bigger smile on my little man?!   Finally the bus came and I barely got a kiss as he   rushed to the sidewalk to get on the bus.  And off went my little man to his first day of kindergarten.
When he got home he was EXHAUSTED!!!  But he did manage to tell me that he loved school.  When asked what he did in school today, his response was.... "Oh, i played, ate lunch, went outside for recess, played with Jayla, rested, and had my snack."   Apparently, all my son does is eat, play and rest!
The next morning on our way to the bus stop, Tyler says to me, "Mom you need to talk to my teacher."  Oh, why what's wrong baby???  "My teacher says I have to rest and I  dn't want to... I have to much to do!"   Hee, hee, heee.... ok baby, but I really think you should try to rest if you can.
I can already tell that this  will be an interesting year.
Gotta love the new school year!!!


darcie said...

i love that he is too "busy" to rest :)

Tara said...

Awesome pictures. They are both gorgeous! I'm glad school is going well. I can't believe they just went back though. My first day back with kids was August 6th (I teach in the next county over) and Meyrick's first day was August 11th. We've even handed out our first mid-term grade reports too!

But what about the baby...... doesn't he get to show off what he looked like on their first day of school?