Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cakes, cakes, cakes....

Last night was week 3 of my four week cake decorating class at Michaels. This week I learned how to make drop flowers, shells, shells for borders, shapes that I can put together to make faces, and frosting clowns.  (interesting mix when you read it!)

So I made a butter cake (from scratch) with buttercream frosting (with real butter for the cake) and I went all out and made home made vanilla pudding and added pureed raspberries to it for a filing on the cake!  Whoa baby, whoa baby.... this cake is D E L I C I O U S! 

So in class after practicing the above techniques, I decided to put some drop flowers on the side of the cake...

Apparently when I mixed the color into the frosting, I forgot that the teacher had told us the previous week that dark colors tend to get darker over time.  So when mixing colors, start light and wait, then add more color if you want.  So my "purple" looked almost black by the time I decorated my cake!  Oh well...

and yes, I realize that the cake is slightly slanted... the top was shifting when I iced it last night due to the filling.  I gotta work on that, but who cares!  its was yummy! Nothing a few toothpicks can't fix.

I had some left over batter that I made into cupcakes, and the few that made it to class with me on monday night were my practice canvas for my drop swirl flowers.

Then I figured what the hell... since I went buck wild with the flowers and with no particular flow, why not throw a clown on top?  Besides, the clowns I had made during practice were coming out really cute.  So up went Bozo... and isn't he darling???  Isabel and Tyler particularly liked the clown. 

He looks cute just lounging on top of the cake, next to my funeralesque flowers... or maybe they are halloweeny? 

Here's a shot of the filling... very yummy.  Besides, regardless of how awful my flowers look the cake is to die for!  I guess then the nearly black flowers are appropriate then.... right?

Hmmm... anyways, next week we are finishing working on the icing roses, so I'll have a cake with roses to show off.

Any suggestions on the type of cake I should bake? 



darcie said...

german chocolate with coconut filling.

Tara said...

Hey..... was that supposed to be my birthday cake????

Smellyann said...

I don't know, but great job!! Now I want to take a cake class. :D