Saturday, September 26, 2009

I won!!!! At least that's what they tell me...

I was just reading my emails, and I came across an email from Caron with the re: Yarn Habits and Usage Survey... I vaguely remember completing a survey on the Caron website not too long ago.  So I opened it up to see if maybe its another survey.

WELL... this is what the email read:


We are happy to announce that you have been selected as a winner in the Caron Yarn Habits & Usage Survey drawing.

Via postal mail, you will shortly receive a $25 gift card for the retailer you indicated in your survey response.

Thank you for participating.
Caron Web Support

COULD IT BE??!!  Did I really win $25 to MICHAELS?!  Because that would be a great birthday present to me from the wonderful folks at Caron... my birthday is next week you know!  Oh! you didn't know???  Well jot it down, October 2nd is my day!

I'll let you know if I actually get the gift card.  Yes, I am really excited because I never win anything!


1 comment:

darcie said...

that is great! buy yourself some yarn and knit yourself something nice!!!