Sunday, September 20, 2009

Day at the Fair

Saturday, September 12, 2009

We headed to the Sterling Fair after Tyler got out of his soccer game, for the first time in at least two weeks it was sunny, warm and not a rain cloud in sight!  Can't pass up an opportunity like that!

I personally love this fair, not because its huge or anything, but because it has a country feel to it.  There are animal on display that are in competition, there are ox pulls, horse pulls, baked goods competitions, vegetable competitions, fruit/garden competitons and of course arts and crafts competitions.  Its what I have always imagined a genuine county fair to be like.

So of course we got there and the kids are already pointing out what rides they want to ride on, and what they want to eat and what they want to see... OK.. off we go.

My favorite part of the fair is the competitions of grown vegetables, baking goods and arts and crafts... I love to see what other people can do... it inspires me to try new things. For example, the ginormous pumpkin in the first picture!  This thing was as big as Tyler I think!  WOW!

I wish these would have come out a little clearer, but my flash refused to work!  But I had visions of zuchinni bread flashing in my mind... yummmy!

On the same display table were these huge sunflower heads...

Seriously... these are some huge flowers!  I would have loved to have seem then all abloom.

So after we walked all through the expo hall, we headed towards some airplanes on display that the kids could sit inside of... one was an ultra light and the other a little cesna type plane. 

This is Tyler and Isabel in the ultralight...

They were both completely enthralled in learning what all the dials and knobs were for!  Can you see Tyler staring intently at the man explaining everything!!

I think both of my children will be avid flyers... or at least good air passengers when the get older. So not like me!  I hate planes!!!  but that's a whole other post...

I love this picture... while we stood in line for the cesna, I looked at Isabel and noticed this little guy hitching a ride in line.  Isabel of course freaked, and couldn't flick it off her leg... I told her to wait, and leave it alone as it wouldn't do anything to her.  So Tyler came to her rescue and said "hold on Belle, I'll push it off for you!" and flicked it as hard as he could and sent the poor dragonfly flying off her leg!  It was too cute.

After the airplains we decided to get some food, so we grabbed some dogs and sat for a bit.  Tyler is too funny when he eats hot dogs, he will take his time up until he has about 1/4 of the hot dog left...

Then he decides he needs to finish NOW...  and tries to cramm the WHOLE thing into his mouth and chew and swallow it as fast as humanly possible!

I was going to take a picture of him with a mouth full, but I panicked because he looked like he was going to choke!  Needless to say the carni dogs were yummy... we ate in under 5 minutes. 

While I waited for Tyler to finish, he pointed out this cute little guy on our table....

I was all of a sudden obsessed with getting a good picture of the lady bug and subsequently took about 20 pictures... no lie!  Since I don't want to completely bore you here is the two I like the best.

I would like to say I planned this picture with Carlos Sebastian blurred out in the background, but it was totally a luck shot that worked out well.

Carlos Sebastian seemed to like the lady bug (well I really don't think it was that but it seemed like it was!)

Next, we were off to see the animals, there were all kinds of cows, and pigs and this GIGANTIC hog...

This hog is only 8 months old and weighs like a ton!  I can't remember his weight, but look at it!  He is easily 7 feet long!!  I have never seen an animal this size in my entire life!

Tyler was amazed as well at the size of these animals!  This piggy is a femal that is two and a half years old.

Tyler was telling Isabel how he just "loved this little guy" because he's so cute!

I loved this little burro, their owner told me that at about 300 lbs, they can haul 1000 lbs!!! That's a strong little burro!

I had never seen a pheasant before, and they are really colorful!  From far away they looked fake because their colors are so bright.

Isabel and Tyler both sat inside this National Guard Hummer and put on a beret to look the part.  I think they look darling... although it scares me to think either might be partial to the military.  I love our countries soldiers that defend our country and our rights, but I couldn't bear to think of my babies in harms way!!  I know, I'm very selfish... but as a mother its my right!

After the hummer, we were off to the carnival rides... I'm not going to describe the pics... I think they speak for themselves.....

(this one is super scary... not only does it swing from side to side, but it spins as well!)

So after the giant potato sack slide... it was time to call it a day... 

And since this has turned into a ridiculously long post... I'll leave you with this beautiful sky that we had as we left the fair.



Tara said...

These pics are awesome!!!! Carlos is growing fast!!!

Smellyann said...

Looks like tons of fun!