Saturday, September 12, 2009


I officially don't like rainy days.  It has been crappy, cold and rainy since I got up this morning at 6 am, ad it looks like it's not gonna be any better tomorrow.

I have done nothing but veg at home today.  I woke up at 5:30 am, not of my own accord... Carlos Sebastian decided that 5am is the perfect time to get up to feed.  So off to the living I dragged my tired butt to sit in my rocking chair and hopefully be able to get another hour or two of sleep after he had eaten.  Oh not today.... every time he fell asleep and I tried to put him back to bed he would wake up. So no sleep for me today!  BUT at around 7 am I was able to rock Carlos to sleep again and lay him down... and he actually stayed asleep!!! So I got 3 hours in while he slept, yea me!!!

At 10:30am Isabel reminded me that she had a soccer game today... ummmm Isabel its raining out I seriously doubt you have a game. So she called and oh yes, there is soccer in the rain for the travel team.  Yup, Isabel's on the travel team this year, so up I got and fed my children and off to soccer I went.  The game started at 11:30am, and I showed up nice and early at.... 11:35am!!!  I so fail, AGAIN!!! oh well...

I wanted to post a pic of her playing or at least in her soccer uniform, which is tres fashionable this year... but again, I dropped her off at the field and forgot all about it.   Fail again!!! 

Right now, I'm waiting on my Papa John's pizza, watching Underworld, and knitting another sweater for Carlos Sebastian.  (oh, maybe I can post some pics of that... )

I do have some news, I started my Wiltons Cake Decorating Class level 1 at Michaels this past monday.  So tomorrow I have to bake a cake and ice it, with yummy buttercream frosting, to take to class on monday to learn how to use my icing bags and tips to decorate it.  Its going to be a red (blue) velvet cake with white buttercream frosting, with maple leaves and acorns.  I'm sooo posting pics of the cake on monday night.  Woo hoo I so look forward to mondays now!!!

I had another post in mind, but by the time I logged on and started typing I blanked on what I wanted to post about!  So, my apologies, but this is what you get for today!


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Smellyann said...

I can't wait to see pictures - of the baby boy, his newest sweater, the cake, and the soccer girl!!