Saturday, September 26, 2009

bakery fresh goodness...

This is a short post, but I figure I should post it before I forget to later!

Ok, so I am on this baking kick right now, where I feel the need to bake something every single day!  And since I can't really make a cake a day, well I could but who the hell is gonna eat that much cake!!!  So I decided to bake some bread yesterday, oh me oh my do I love me some fresh baked bread.

I have a recipe for some cheese bread that's fairly easy to make, and I made up a batch (4 loaves), well they lasted all of 5 minutes.  My husband was half way through the first loaf about 10 minutes after I took it out of the oven!  The second one survived only because I made it for someone that paid me for it! 

Don't they look yummy???  This is the second batch of bread I made, the first one was much more aesthetically pleasing, but like usual I forgot to take a picture!!!

So I have been asked if I would bake the bread with ham and cheese in the middle... I'm gonna try it today.  I was paid $5 per loaf, not much, but not bad either if you ask me... I could at least make some yarn money with this deal!


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darcie said...

who bought the bread? that could be a good little side gig for you.