Tuesday, September 15, 2009


So I took my second cake decorating class on Monday, and I needed to make a cake to take to class and practice decorating with.  I decided I wanted to make a Red Velvet cake, like the one I made for Carlos for his birthday last year.  So off to my kitchen I went and started pulling out the ingredients, all of which miraculously I had on hand... including the Buttermilk!!!  Who actually has buttermilk on hand?  Well I gets to mixing and sifting and adding and creaming, when its time to add the most important ingredient... the red food coloring!  Well guess who has NONE!  Yup, I had used all of it when I made the last cake... dummy!  So I thought, lets make a BLUE red velvet cake... that would be cute, right? 

I like this shade of blue, but maybe just a bit more so its smurf blue....

CRAP!!! This is not blue anymore... its greenish.... hmmm not to appetizing.

Well, just for future reference, and please write this down somewhere.... there is not enough blue food coloring to make this cake look blue!  It will end up looking like a moldy, mossy (Isabel's words ot mine), chocolate cake.

It looks like its moldy!  Oh well... I'm frosting it, so who cares!!!  So off to class I went and I frosted my cake, too bad my frosting was a bit tooo soft and it sort of worked its way off the cake, but its my first time and the shortening was "pre-creamed" so my frosting was so far off consistency wise. 

But I practiced my stars, and filling stars, my outlining, star shaped lines and zigzagging lines.  I also practice writing... I'm actually really good at it without too much practice.

So here is my piece de resistance....

Not too bad!  I know my border is a biiittt off on the bottom, but I refused to turn the cake while doing this... note to self, rotate the cake when piping borders!

up close shot of the heart and stars, showing off my filing talent!

Not too shabby if I do say so myself!  and my biggest fans LOVED it!!! The kids both ate cake as a snack last night, and Isabel took some to school today.  Where she vehemently defended the fact that even though it is green it in fact is a RED VELVET CAKE!!! Love my girl!

So I'll post next week pics of our next project, cupcakes with some flowers! 


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Smellyann said...

LOL About the blue/green RED cake! Too funny. Have you tried the Wilton food colors? I love them!