Friday, April 23, 2010

Weekend update

So, lots happened this weekend even though I really didn't plan much.  First off, the weather forecast was sucky!!!  Three days of crappy, cold, rainy AND possibly snowy weather.  I decided that I was going to hide in my apartment until the sun came back and the rain as gone.   Isabel and Ty were heading off to their dad's house all weekend.   Friday was the annual father-daughter dance at Johnny Appleseed, this year's theme was 50's sock hop.  I'm kinda sad I couldn't see Isabel all dressed up, but thems are the breaks.  Hopefully 'll see a pic of her sometime soon.  From what she told me it sounds like she had a great time.

So, I holed up all day friday, god I absolutely hate the cold and rain!!!  But saturday I had signed up to participate in a speed knitting contest.  I found a local knitting/crocheting circle called Warmer Winters, they makes all kinds of items for local charities.  This was there second annual speed knitting contest, and I was in!!!  I'm not really all that quick, but what the heck I was making for charity.  We knitted scarves with one skein and their own hand made knitting needles.  Well... let me tell you, I need to practice more!! The first place winner finished her scarf in 1 hour 22 minutes!!! She was knitting an average of one row of 12 stitches every 21 seconds.   I sooo need to practice.  But I finished in 2 hours 33 minutes, not bad but not great.  I now havce a bench mark that I can work on. 

Let me note that the speed knitting contest was at 9:30am until 12pm, I actually hauled my lazy butt up and out into crappy 38 degree rainy weather. I am very proud of myself since #1- I am not a morning person... and #2 I am not a "get and go in the cold" person.  But it was for charity and I figured it would be a great way to meet more fellow knitters/crocheters.   I also liked the fact they donate all items to local charities, and there is also a lot of local business that support them and donate to them.

So after all that fun, I went home and snuggled in bed with Carlos.... who doesn't love to snuggle with their sweetie on a cold rainy morning?  So we vegged until about 3pm.  At which point we both decided we needed to do something.  So we got up, showered, ate something, then we got a surprise visit from my dad and his wife.  So with nothing better to do, we decided to go bowling- GALACTIC BOWLING!   So cool!!!  if you hav never done this, you should!!!  Its all black lights, flourescent colors and great music.  We had a blast, we bowled for about two hours, then headed home.

At home, Carlos, Sebas and I cuddled under some blankets and watched some movies... then off to sleep.

Sunday, another crappy day... at least the morning was.  I made breakfast for us and kinda dragged my butt around a bit.  I'm trying to remember what I did, but I'm drawing a blank!!!

Oh... the big highlight of the day.... Sebastian has become mobile, well army man crawl mobile!!!  He;s been rollong from place to place for the last month, but on sunday he made his first forward motions!

I recall having knit a lot because it was crappy out, but that's about it.

hmmm. maybe I should have posted this on sunday night to have remembered what  did! hee, hee, hee!!!


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