Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hi! Remember me?

No?  You don't remember me?  Oh, don't worry... I'll help you out!

Yeah, I know, I fail at this blog thing.  But my life has been insane for the last couple of weeks.  So I will try to catch you up to semi-speed on my busy life. 

So first of all Friday (two weeks ago) Tyler had his mother/son BINGO game.  It was so much fun, its for grades K and 1... the rest of the school has a mother/son basketball game.  So Ty and I played bingo, and we had a blast!  granted it was only one hour, but it was soo nice to do something just me and Ty.  All the kids got a prize regardless of whether or not they won.  It was cool, all these boys with their moms  and everyone was smiling and laughing.  Can you tell that I had a good time?  hee hee hee.

Can you tell which of these prizes was his favorite??? I'll give you a hint... its got the super heroes.

Ummm... if I remember correctly, that weekend the kids were with their dad.  So Carlos and I chilled at home and I believe we visited my dad.  Wow... I know, you can hardly contain yourself from all the excitement.  Thus is my life!


Ok, that weekend the kids were with their dad... and THANK GOD!!! Isabel had a cookie booth sale at 10am.... and I DIDN'T HAVE TO GO!!!  But I went and bought my cookies... I love me my cookies.

Aren't they sweet!!! 

The girls I mean!!!  hee hee hee....

Now... that is the last weekend of March...  I think I spent the weekend at my dad's enjoying the weather and having BBQ as its finally warmed up enough to sit out and grill!  Yea!!!!

The following week is quite the blur... I believe there was a lot of school work, Yes I am taking college courses towards another degree.  I had a lot of normal running around to do with the kids...

Mondays- Isabel and Ty get off the buss at 3:30pm and Isabel has to go to dance at 4pm... so we run off to that, then come home make dinner, run back to pick up Isabel at 6:30pm.

Tuesdays- nothing

Wednesday- the kids go have dinner with their dad

Thursday- Ty goes to dad's afterschool... Isabel goes to HipHop class from 4-5pm then GirlScouts 6:30-8pm every other week. Then Isabel goes to her dad's to spend the night... every other weekend they stay over their dad's.

Friday- depends on the week, but usually I spend a good 2 hours yelling at both kids to pick up!!!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, Easter was in there... but nothing big to report as the kids were with their dad, so the easter bunny did not come to our house this year.  Sad, yes I know.  But Carlos Sebastian is still too young for stuff like that, but oh well... next year will be more fun.  We went to church, then went to my dad's house and had an Easter cook out, Yes I did say cook out... I know.  I too thought it was quite getto, but that's how we roll!  Deal... ;op

Here I am all decked out in my Easter best!  Sooo snazzy... (as my son says now)

Here's Sebas with Papa (my dad)

Here's Mamia (my mom).  I took her for a haircut and I colored it for her as we had our Easter BBQ. 
Again a little getto, , but what can you do!

This ball of hair is Munchie, a/k/a a dog in desperate need of a grooming.
Don't worry he got one, I'll post a pic a little later.

Here's Sebas listening attentively to a conversation that has nothing to do with him... but he's sooo cute!

This past saturday (4/10) Isabel went horseback riding with Girl Scouts... they learned all about how to take care of horses and then how to brush them, then went a ride. Oh yeah, let me make this little side note... DO NOT TAKE A BUNCH OF 10 YEAR OLDS TO A FACILITY THAT TELLS THEM THEY CAN GET HORSES FOR FREE AND IT IS NOT THAT EXPENSIVE TO CARE FOR THEM.  With that I will allow you to figure that all the girls now want horses.

After that we went to the New England Aquarium in Boston... fun times... I love me the Macaroni Penguins!!!

Aren't they ADORABLE!!! I think its the crazy puffs of hair that does it for me.

AND with that I will have caught you up to this weekend.  Don't worry, I have posts for JUST the aquarium and Isabel's Girlscout outing thing...
But right now, if you haven't already fallen asleep, I think you must be praying for the end!



Tara said...

I love Ty's smile!!! He is such a cutie!!!

Your busy life sounds a lot like mine and I only have 2 kids. Couldn't imagin three (although I would love it!!!!).

Love ya!

Smellyann said...

Good update! Love all the pictures, especially Sebastian :D I can't wait to meet him, and all of you - when?? :D