Monday, April 19, 2010

Saturday 9: Kicks (Keep Getting Harder to Find)

Saturday 9: Kicks (Keep Getting Harder To Find)

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1. As you get older, do you find that kicks are harder to find?

Nope... I get my kicks whenever I can... and I always find them... just ask!

2. Who is your favorite relative and why?

I think my favorite relative has to be my.....  hmmmm good question!  I think my cousin Jasmine, she's older, but she's so much fun, and laid back... I can talk to her and not feel like I'm talking to a parent.  I love her she's great!

3. Who is the most important person in your life?

My kids are the most important persons in my life.  Hands down... Life has already taught me better!

4. Name one thing you used to do that you are not proud of.

Hmmm... I'm a BIG flirt... uh hmmm, I mean a USED to be a big flirt.  To the point that I was a huge tease... I was never into promiscuity, but I led many a poor man to believe that they would get more than they were really gonna get! 

5. Tell us about the furthest you've ever been from what you consider "home".

The furthest away was when I lived in Colombia for 6 months when I was 14.

6. Who would you want to be locked in a room with for 24 hours?

My hubby... hee hee hee.... need I say more??

7. What are you doing this weekend?

Since this was for this past saturday.... I really had no plans, the kids were with their dad, so usually I veg at home with Carlos and the baby.

8. Other than your own, whose car were you in last?

Carlos'... I'm usually in his or mine.

9. Tell us about the last compliment that you've received.

At the speed knitting contest I was in on Saturday, I showed a woman a pic of the kids, and she looked at me in awe and asked if I started having kids when I was 10!!!  She thought I was in my early twenties... God Bless her soul... that's a compliment I'll take anyday.

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