Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Still catching up....

OMG this has been a ridiculously busy week, again for me... and yet I feel like I have accomplished absolutely nothing.

First of a week ago was April vacation week for the kids... I had plans of parks, pulling out the bikes, maybe hitting the movies and lots of lots of crafts.  Do you want to know how much of that I actually accomplished?  ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!  Yup I fail once again at doing fun productive stuff with the kids during vacation.

Ok, so I will give you a run down of the weeks events:

Monday was a crappy day... it was rainy and cloudy... overall just not a nice day.  I had rented New Moon to watch with Isabel, so we vegged while we watched the movie.  OMG I am soo gonna read those books now... yes I am the ONLY person on the planet that has not yet read the books, fail again.  But I love the movies, which means I will be completely enthralled with the books.  My summer reading list has begun!  After the movie, the sun came out and the kids immeadiately headed to the playground across the street (its in the building complex, and I can see them from the window).  They played until they could not play anymore.  Meanwhile, back at the ranch... Sebastian has been working on coordinating his amry man crawl/on the knees crawl.  This boy is getting good!!!  He now manages to squirm his way over to the toys and things he deems intersting.

Dinner was not exciting, chicken with rice and spaghetti, Ty's favorite.  Then baths, some tv and the kids were off to bed.  I managed to stay up until about 11:30pm and then conked out on the rocker.


The weather was much nicer... the kids hit the playground at 9:30am.  Can I tell you how nice and convenient it is to have the playground right across the way from the apartment AND that I can see it from the window!  So while they played, I did school work, I cleaned my apartment, I vaccumed and watched Sebastian get better at crawling.  Amazing how kids learn and progress without our help.  Carlos and I took Sebastian over to the playground for a little bit and played with him on the swings. and a bit on the slide.  He was not so fond of the slide though.    So we played a bit more on the swings, then headed in for dinner.  I can not recall at this moment what I made for dinner, but I remember it was good adn they all ate it and liked it.

Wednesday we planned on taking my uncle's car up to the auto auction and try to sell it, but unfortunately the car upon trying to start it, began to smoke and make a weird noise... I thought it was going to explode, so we left it alone and changed our plans.  Instead we took the kids out for ice cream and the local dairy place... soooo yummy.  This dairy farm makes their own ice cream in the most lucious of flavors, I had razzleberry burst (vanilla ice cream with raspberry jam, and raspberry truffles), Isabel had chocolate chip cookie dough, Tyler had Monster Mash (vanilla ice cream with M&Ms, whoopers, and some other yummy candy) and Carlos had Mango Tango (vanilla and mango ice cream).  I love ice cream!!!   Then we came home, took Isabel to softball practice at 4:30pm- because she insisted it was a scrimage and it was at 4:30!!!  Well, after getting there at 4pm to help her warm up a little, and then when it was 4:45 and NO ONE had shown yet, I decided to call her coach.  (NOTE: call the coach should be the first thing you do!)  Well, I got his voicemail, so I thought to myself.. "ok, he must be on his way" NOPE... he called me back to say that practice was at 5:30!!!  OK... let's go!  Off to noni's house, and she or their dad could take her back to her practice.

Thursday is auto auction day!  We got up at 6:45am, and got ready, actually sent Carlos to go get my mom so she could help watch the kiddies.  We hit the road at 8am... got to the auction at 9:10am and let the fun begin! So let me tell you.... this is a mad house!!!  There are 6 lanes of cars all being auctioned off at the same time, approximately one car per lane per minute!  We are trying to get our business off the ground, and I love the excitement!   

So we picked up another car... a nice civic... take a look.

So.... what do you think?  I love it... its really cute and runs really nice.

Then we ran home to save my mom from the kids, got them ready to be dropped off to dance and their noni's, respectively, and then we were off to the ranch.  We didn't do anything else that night.


I'd like to tell you that I actually remember this day clearly... but I don't.  I remember now... I took my mom to Worcester for an MRI on her ankle that she broke in January, then ran from Worcester up to New Hampshire, almost a hour and a half drive, to pick up the paperwork on the new car (see yesterday), then immediately left and took off back to Worcester to pick up my mom, then run hometo make dinner for the family.  About a half hour after getting home, Carlos called to say he was on his way to so we could drive BACK up to NH to pick up the car now that I had the paperwork... so off we went!  We didn't get home until 10:30pm!  I spent almost 7 hours in the car!!! I was exhausted... I got home sat in the rocker to watch the new and crashed. 


Saturday was the first nonbusy day for me.  We took the kids over to my dad's and had a BBQ of sorts... at 7pm!!!  My dad's idea of a BBQ is to reel in unsuspecting victims to help with the yard work!  I'm sooo onto his plan, and since I didn't do jack at home, I didn't do jack there either! Which apparently no one was happy about, but too bad!

After the BBQ I went home with the kids, got them showered and in bed, because sunday we had soccer and softball... both at 12pm!!! hmmm... still trying to figure out how I was going to do that.


Saturday was fun!  Isabel had her opening day ceremony for softball at noon, THE EXACT SAME TIME AS TYLER'S SOCCER GAME.  So I piled the three kids into my car with sports equipment in tow... and ran off to the lassie league fields.  Isabel was so excited, and we got there early for once... so she ran off to find her team. I figured I'd wait until the ceremony started, I'd watch her run out and then I'd run off to drop of Tyler at his game which was only a mile down the road.  Then I would run back and grab Isabel and go back to catch the end of Tyler's game.  WELL  had the ceremony started on time, that would have happened.  BUT the ceremony started 15 minutes late, so I watched Isabel and then ran off to get Tyler to his game just in time to be there for the start of his game.  

 Then as I was just getting his stuff in order, Isabel called me to say she was already to be picked up!  Luckily, just then their dad showed up so I sent him off to pick her up and watched Tyler's game as he scored a great goal. 

Then we ran off to the house when the game was done, got the kiddies fed and changed (well Tyler at least).  then we were off again to go to Isabel's first softball game of the season, at 4pm.  the day was kinda sucky... it started off fairly nice, not too cold.  But by the time 5pm rolled around it was cold, windy and looked like it  was gonna rain!  Fun times I tell ya!  Anyways... the game was exciting!  Final score was 12-12!!! They hit the ball great, made great plays and overall played awesome for the first game.  This season seems to be an interesting one in the making.

After the game we headed home, grabbed some pizza and showered and send everyone off to bed early so they could go back to school on monday!

AND that my friends it the catch up of  last  week!!!


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