Monday, June 21, 2010

Watch As We Walk On Our Way

I am WAY behind again on posts... but once you read all that I have to post about you'll see why!

First this is Isabel's official transfer from Elementary school into Middle School....waaaaaaahhhhhh!!!  When did my little girl get so big??  I can't believe that she is old enough to be going to 6th grade... I feel like only yesterday I was taking her to kindergarten. 

So on Thursday June 7th, Isabel's 5th grade class had a graduation ceremony... filled with awards, music, song and a snazzy dvd montage of the end of the year events for the 5th graders.  It was really nice.  The theme  "Watch As We Walk On Our Way"  symbolic on the kids moving onto the 6th grade and moving onto another school... quite sad as many have been here since kindergarten. 

See very nicely set up in the school's gymnasium... it had a really graduation feel... not a cheesy here's your report card, good luck next year.

Like I said, many awards were handed out to students, UNFORTUNATELY  Isabel decided to slack the last semester of the year and got STRAIGHT C's!!!!  WTF  I was livid.... Ok, yes I understand that she passed, and that a "C" is average... but honestly who strives for their child to be JUST AVERAGE? Not I... so although I am happy she passed the school year, I was very upset that she did not do her best.  Especially since at mid term she was all B's and 2 C's... and in 3rd term had ALL B's!!!    So I have told her she is getting prepped all summer for better homework skills and school skills.  I am making her read one hour a day, she must complete at least 1 book a month, which she will have to tell me about in a book report.  AND we will be doing at least 30 minutes of math work every day as well. 

I know she is on summer break, but seriously people... school is not gonna get any easier, and if I can't get her to be more diligent about doing her work and taking pride in it what is she going to do next year when they give her a lot more??

I know the pic isn't the best, but here she is getting her Certficate of Acheivement for passing into the 6th grade.  That's the Principal and V.P. shaking hands with her.

After all were awarded their certificates, the entire 5th grade class seranaded us with a musical number... don't ask what they sang because I can't for the life of me remember today!

More singing....

Posing with Carlos and the baby... (Tyler was in class :o( so he wasn't at the ceremony)

Proud Momma... and yes she is taller than me... she was gracious enough to slouch for the pic! 
(wise arse!!!)

Celebrating with her friend Mya

Finally a picture with Mr. Burns... the vice principal

So that was the ceremony, I thought it was great, although I was a little sad at Isabel's final performance... but we are gonna change all that this summer!



Melanie said...

Woohoo, go Isabel, that's such a milestone!! I feel kind of sad that Chloƫ will miss it herself... :( But we'll have other things, I guess. Isabel is so tall!! And so grown-up looking. In a few years, watch out, mama!!

Tara said...

She is beautiful....just like her momma. Way to go Isabel!