Friday, June 11, 2010


I was just looking over my HUNDREDS of emails that I have in my inbox this morning, and came to one of my most favorite emails that I just can't wait to open when I see. I get regular emails for My Colombian Recipes, a blog by Erica, a colombian woman living in the US where she posts daily recipes of typical colombian dishes, and her own recipe creations based on colombian dishes with her own twist.  I LOVE to make colombian dishes, and my menu is basically limited to those dishes I grew up with, or have been taught to make by various members of my family.  So when I found this blog of course I was gonna follow it!

So this morning I opened my email, just waiting to see what yummy recipe she would be sharing today... and lo and behold, a recipe for a treat that has come HIGHLY recommended by my cousin...

Doesn't it look heavenly?  I myself have never had this cake, but I have had others when I've visited my family in Colombia, and let me tell you they have some damn good baked goods there!

So, this will be my next creation... well after my dad's wife's birthday cake that I have to bake tonight for her birthday party tomorrow... BUT I will make this cake next week!  So make sure to check back for my critique of my own attempt at Torta de Tres Leches...


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Nessa said...

It does look very yummy. I love vanilla.