Friday, June 18, 2010

Garden Project update- week 4

I haven't posted any pics of the garden lately, mostly because it seemed to be the same as the day before... but with all the rain we have picked up over the last week my veggies have been growing!  Granted this picture is about 4 days old now, but I'll take new ones later today when I go and water and weed the garden again.

As you can see, my zuchinnis (spelling?) area growing at lightning speed... I'm thinking there isn't enough room in the box for them... but I'm gonna try trellising them... I'll let you know how that goes.

The cukes in the middle are coming along, although I don't understand why some are much smaller than others...

I've thinned out the beets and carrots... on the pic above beets are on the right and carrots on the left.

Can you see the lettuce up on the front left???  They are actually looking like mini lettuce plants!

On the right front, I thinned out the brocolli (spelling?)  plants and they are loving the extra room to grow....

I'm so proud of myself... I love the fact that all that I planted actually grew and I can now point out ALL veggies and not just point to a patch of dirt and say "this is where the lettuce will grow"

My tomotoes have started to bloom, beautiful yellow flowers... I'll post those pics tomorrow!


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Melanie said...

It looks so awesome!!!! I can't wait to have pictures of my own to share. Yay, you!!

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Thanks! =D