Saturday, June 12, 2010

I'm soooo behind

I just realized that I didn't post at all last week!  Wow... and I had a bunch of stuff that I kept saying to myself "I gotta post this on my blog"... oh well... thus is the story of my life.  So I will cram all my interesting happenings into this one post.  Grab your coffee and a snack, and get ready!

First of all  I FINALLY FINISHED TYLER'S SWEATER!!!!  Yeaaaaaaaa meeeee!!!!!

This is my first time making such a complicated cable pattern... I like it...

Here is a little closer look at the cables...

Yes, I know it took me something like 4 months, but seriously its hard to find time to knit when I have a baby yanking at my yarn, stealing my needles, crying for my attention, Tyler and Isabel needing my attention, and oh yeah, homework to do as well.  Now that I think of it, I'm proud of myself for actually finishing it!  So I presented the boy with his sweater and can I say he has got to be one of the sweetest people on this earth... he couldn't thank me enough and he proceeded to put it on and try it right away, even though it was like 85 degrees out!

Can you see his sweaty head?!  He is too funny.

BUT the important thing is he loved it and it fit!  He also told me that he was intending to wear it to school the next day... um sorry bud, it's gonna be like 90 degrees, no sweater!

So on Tuesday, Isabel had a Mother Daughter tea party at her school... the first in the 3 years she has been attending Johnny Appleseed Elementary.  It sound interesting, even though it was 90 degrees out and I was sweating like a pig!  I love all those events though, I feel that they create memories that last a lifetime, and if I have to sweat a little so that we creat wonderful memories, then so be it!

So I freshened up as best I could so I wouldn't smell like a smelly, sweaty mess... and off to the school I headed.  I arrived and was told to find a seat in the jam packed cafeteria... but at least I was lucky enough to get a spot near the back where they had the doors open.  Then the principal started his speech, thanking us mothers and thanking the kids... most of all the 5th graders that would be leaving the school this year.  Then out came my baby....

The theme of the tea party was "Fairy Wishes and Dreams"... all the girls had princess crowns and wands, very cute!

Can you believe how big she is!!!

Yes, I am a hamm and YES I had to wear the crown, because I can...

We had a great time, apparently the tea had a dual purpose which was to bring awareness to some syndrome that I had never heard of before of which one of the school's students suffers from.  They had a donation basket for those that wished to donate to the finding of a cure... I wish I remembered the name of the syndrome, but it was week ago!!!

I love taking Bel's pic in profile... I think she has a beautiful profile...

Wednesday it was rainy and crappy... typical New England weather... and off to Isabel's softball game we went...  they did not do good at all!  Poor things lost 16-3!!!!  It was awful!!!  The other team's pitcher looked like she should be in highschool and pitched with blinding speed!!!  At one point I heard one of Isabel's team mates say "how do they expect us to hit that???"  It was sad.

So no pics of the game nor the players, but I did get a pic of Sebastian eating cheetos...

this boy likes his cheetos!!!

On saturday the coach had a 2 hour practice to work on the girls' catching skills, play skills and hitting skills.  Apparentlly it worked because on saturday the girls one against the best team in the league, 10-7!!!  Go Tigers!!!!

I lied apparently I did take a pic of Isabel on base... she got this run in, the one that put them on top!!!

So on Friday I felt like some chowda... yummm... so I went to the store early and picked up the needed ingredients and made a big pot o'chowda...

Can  tell you, this was some damn good chowder!  I wish you could taste and smell it... but no wonkavision here!

Oh and lastly I discovered, after 25 years of living in this same town, that there is a few dairy farms in the area and one of which sells its milk, as well as products from other local farms!!!

So I wandered in, but since there wasn't a lot of veggies available yet, I picked up some milk, cheese and strawberries

Yes, I took a drink of milk before   took the picture... but I couldn't wait!!!  1% milk, but it was so delicious and creamy!  I can't wait to go back.

So there you have it... that was my week... oh wat on Thursday I went to the auto auction with Carlos annd we picked up two cars. A 1994 Infiniti I30  and a 1995 Acura Legend L...yes the are old BUT they are in great condition and NICE.  I don't have pcs but I'll post soon... oh yeah and I rode a mechanical bull at the auction!!!  yeeeehaaaw!!!!

That's all, I'm sure you've had enough, so I'll be back later!!!

Chao baby....  :o)

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Smellyann said...

Dude, that sweater is GORGEOUS! Great job, Mama! I loved Isabel's party, too, such a sweet idea. Go Tigers! And yay for local milk, isn't it SO good????