Saturday, May 8, 2010


I absolutely LOVE the circus!!!  Seriously, the animals, the acrobats, the clowns!  I am like a little kid all in awe.  I got some tickets from my cousin that couldn't go... front row!!!!  I was thinking it was one of those smaller, unknown circuses... BUT they were front row tickets to BARNUM AND BAILEY'S CIRCUS!!!!

Unfortunately Tyler and Isabel weren't with me last weekend, they were with their dad... BUT luckily my cousin only had 2 tickets any ways, so it worked out just great.  So we drove to Providence and I felt like a little kid... I want to see the elephants,  I want to see the flying trapeze!!! 

We had awesome seats!  literally front row, almost smack dab center of the arena. 


The tigers are one of my all time favorites.. they jumped around like kittens!  I just wanted to run over and hug one of them, good thing they had that super heavy looking metal chain wall around the ring at the time the tigers came out!

Then there were the tight rope walkers... I wish I could learn to do that, I mean who wouldn't?  It awesome how they can walk on that rope like its nothing, nevermnd doing it when they have someone standing on their heads!

Now apparently this year's theme for the circus was P.T. Barnum's famous freak show... so there were contortionists and things of that nature.  I won't say more, I will just let you see for yourself...

by the way... that's a MAN ontop of that lady!!! (hee hee he, that sounds so dirty!)

This part of the show really amazed me, because it's obviously real.  These people are unbeleivable, or better yet it is unbeleiveable what the human body is capable of!

Then they brought out the ELEPHANTS!  I looooove the elephants.
This one was carrying a basket with a border collie in it!  aaaawwww....

Of course there was lots more... but this what I liked the best!

As you can see....

The baby liked the show too!  He kept seeing something that would catch his eye and he would just stare,  mouth agape.

I had to take this pic about 10 times to get him to look semi at the camera!

So that's all for saturday (a week ago), we didn't do much else on the weekend.  But honestly that was more than enough for me!


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