Saturday, May 1, 2010

Coupons are my friend...

Ok, so after reading how my freind Mel saves all kinds of money everytime she goes shopping, and then seeing a special on NBC about how one mom bought $200 worth of groceries and paid all of $0.40... I decided I need to get on board with couponing.

So last week I pulled out my coupons, checked my CVS flyer becaues  had a bunch of stuff I needed, I went for it....

Ok... I got the following items:
Listerine (large bottle)
 2 pkgs of Smooth Away hair removal systems
 2 tubes of Colgate
 2 bottles of Smart Water
 2 tubes of Colgate kids toothpaste
 Biore nose strips
 and a bottle of Phillipo Berrio olive oil.

A grand total of $67.40

I SPENT.... $32.00!!!!


So, yesterday with coupons in hand, I headed off to Target.  I had a couple of BOGO free coupons that were expiring so I had to go...

This is what I got:

Brawny sandwich bags
13 gallon garbage bags (55 ct)
Lysol automatic handsoap system  ($5 MQ + $2 Target)
2 boxes Tampax Pearl tampons (54 ct)  (BOGO Free MQ)
2 boxes Always pantyliners (31 ct) (BOGO Free MQ)
2 Venus Embrace razors (2-$2 MQ)
Satin Care shaving cream  ($1 MQ)
Head n Shoulders Shampoo and Conditioner (BOGO Free MQ)

Grand total of $75.74
I PAID   $40.57!!!  Total savings of $35.17

Ok, it's not buying stuff for $0.44 BUT I just saved $35!!!  WOW I normally would have just ignored the coupons and paid full price.

Ok, so I'm hooked I now cut coupons every week, I buy the Sunday paper and go through the coupons and look at all the flyers and plan my shopping trips accordingly.  I now need to fnd out when and where I can get stores to double or even triple my coupons.

Thanks Mel for the info you gave me to get me going!!!!!


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Smellyann said...

Woohoo! You go, girl!!! I see you've got Deal Seeking Mom on your blogroll; make sure you're reading Hip 2 Save, too. With just those two blogs (and maybe The Thrifty Mama for good measure), you'll save TONS of money. Also do a search (on Swagbucks of course) for "coupon blog" and your town name. You should find a local blog that does the deals in your area, hopefully. Good luck!!