Friday, May 21, 2010

The Garden Project- part 3

Yesterday I purchased the dirt to fill and prep the garden boxes for planting.  I went back to my local Home Depot and purchased the needed dirt.... 10 40lb bags of topsoil and 6 bags of Miracle Gro Garden Soil with fertilizers... total of $43.00  

I took them to the garden spot and started off with the top soil, 5 bags per box... ummm apparently not nearly enough, but oh well.  I then put 3 bags of MG in one box and 2 bags in the other, reserving the last bag for the strawberry patch.  Ok, let me tell you that apparently the estimate I was given a week ago was NOT accurate.  I have the boxes about half full... not good.  So I am going back to HD to purchase another 8 bags of topsoil and 4 more of MG. 

Next I headed to the area in which I wll be planting the strawberry patch.  FIRST OF ALL... let me point out that I have come to the conclusion that my dad's yard is COMPLETELY filled with rocks... and they sprinkled a little dirt over the rocks to make one think that there is actually dirt in the yard.  SO making this berry patch in the ground has become a huge pain in my arse....

YES... this is what I had to work with!!! SERIOUSLY!  Oh well... I dug out as much of the stupid rocks as I could, then I turned over the soil and added the bag of MG soil and then turned it over again.  That's about as good as its gonna get short of building another box, and since my strawberries are bare root I don't think they would hold out for me to make another box.   So I planted them, all 50+ plants!  I bought 25 Evergrow plants which bear fruit in June, the other 25 were another type that give fruit after the June bearing types.

I let Tyler take this god awful picture of me so you would believe me that I was actually working... but he took it close up.   So you will have to continue to take my work on it.
But after a few hours I had all the berry plants in the ground.

That was when I called it a day, poor Sebastian was getting eaten alive by the skeeters...

So for tomorrow, I will be filling in the boxes and planting the tomotoes and pepper plants, and planting my seeds... I can't wait!


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Smellyann said...

Looks good, looks good! You guys worked really hard!! Come do mine now. :D