Thursday, February 25, 2010

wish me luck... I think

I am undecided if I want luck or not today. 

Weird, yes... I know.  But here's the deal.

I unwittingly put myself in the position to possible get a job.  A potentially great opportunity crossed my path on Tuesday, so I submitted my resume to see if they would even consider me.  WELL... I received a call yesterday from the recruiter and they are really excited about my resume and want to do a telephone interview like now.   So I scheduled the interview for today at noon.

The job is great, with a really strong and growing company, that is WORLD WIDE!!! I did some research last night and it looks like this company has no where else to go but up... I mean this would be a really secure job, those are not really easy to find in this wonderful economy we have.

Potential for pay is excellent with seemingly great benefits (at least this is what their website showed), so I am a bit excited to possibly get this job.

Problem.... I'm not mentally ready to go back to work.  I'm not mentally ready to leave my baby ALL day and sit in an office.  I'm not ready to not be here for Ty and Bella when they get home from school. 

I had planned to be home until my unemployment ran out... I calculated that to be somewhere mid summer.

So.... I think I want some luck...  I'll post after the interview and let you know how it went!



Smellyann said...

Good... luck??? ;) Hope it goes well, it's good to have options at least!

Nessa said...

I wish you the luck to make the right choice for you.

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