Friday, February 5, 2010

catching up...

The last two weeks have been ridiculously hectic for me... so much so that I haven't wanted to update my blog even when I had the free time!

But, now I'm up to the task... you'll be surprised of how much nothing I've really done but I've been running around like a mad woman!  Go figure...

So, lets start with Saturday


January 30th was my baby boy's birthday.... Tyler turned 6 on saturday!!!  I can hardly believe it still.  My little man is getting so big and I feel like the time has flown.

So my boy wanted his birthday party at Chuck E Cheese... he loves himself some CEC!! We've had his birthday there for the last 3 years!!!  I always let him pick what he wants to do for his birthday and he ALWAYS pick CEC! 

I don't mind, it lets me actually enjoy the party!  I don't have to cook, to be much of host, to tend to other people's children, try to keep said children entertained, AND the best part... NO CLEAN UP! Wooo Hooo!! That alone sells me every time!

So, after a week of trying to get Tyler to draw up a guest list, I finally got the final list and the invitees all showed!  Nice turn out!  He invited his friends from school, which was great since he insists that he doesn't have any friends... funny because this boy is MORE social than his sister!!! 

By request I made the birthday cake!  I was a little nervous to say the least, but I had taken the level one Wilton's cake decorating class at Michaels in the fall... so I was fairly confident that I could make the cake.  Of course it HAD to be a SPIDERMAN cake... now I was scared!  You really can't b.s. that type of cake, because Spiderman is a little popular!  No goofing there!  But I gave it a shot because Tyler was really excited about me making the cake....

So I got the pan, baked the yummy yellow cake, and began the outlining process....

Ok.. not much to brag about and at this point I was still VERY nervous as to how it was going to look...

Ok, so the webbing was looking good and the red was the right shade!!!

I gotta say... I did a DAMN GOOD JOB!!!  I could hardly believe that I MADE THIS!!!! It was tastey and it actually looked like Spidey!

Tyler LOVED IT!!! and he made me feel like a master baker because he couldn't tell me enough that it was awesome!

He wanted to stare at the cake forever before we left for the party!

So... all in all it was a great day, his friends showed up, they all played great, we had good food, good cake AND one of the mom's asked me if I was a cake baker/decorator by profession!!!

So, here are some pics from the party... no need to put descriptions... I think they are pretty self explanatory!

YES, that is Carlos sneaking into the pic in the back!!!

Yes, we are a bunch of goof balls!


All in all we had a blast and Tyler LOVED his birthday party!

So that was Saturday...  since it ended up being ridiculously long... I'll leave it at that and post a bit more later...


Tara said...

That cake was awesome!! I do NOT have that much talent. We love Chuck E Cheese too!

Smellyann said...

Dude, Google Reader put your blog in a different place than it used to be! I've been missing you, wondering where it went!

The cake looks AWESOME! You did a great job, Mama!! Happy birthday to your big little boy! ;)