Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Turkey Day - T minus 9 days and counting...

Am I the only one that is totally excited about Thanksgiving?  For the last week I've been more than ready for Thanksgiving Day... and... T U R K E Y!!!!

Maybe its all the thanksgiving day themed shows on the Food Network, actually I'm 100% sure that that is the reason.  But come on, who doesn't enjoy a good Turkey Day meal with all the fixin's??? 

So to stay off my urge to cook an entire turkey prior to next thursday, I have been baking.  NOT GOOD!!! I'm going to gain like 10 lbs before thanksgiving!!!  So yesterday I decided I need to bake, I'm going to bake... where's the brown sugar!

Oh well, tis the sacrifice one needs to make during the holiday season... sounds good to me!

So first I baked an apple pie.... oh yumminous, I haven't baked an apple pie in about 3 years. 

Doesn't that look yummy??? Can you tell that I went all out and put cut outs of acorns and maple leaves???

Here's a close up of the cut outs... I can't tell if you can see them, but I assure you they are there!
I thought it would be cute to add some pizzaz to the top of the pie.

So after an hour of baking, the wafts of warm apples and cinnamon filled my apartment.  So off to the oven I bounced anxious to see the final product...



OH yeah baby.... tastes as good as it looks!!!

I also baked a Cinnamon Carrot Bread, but I forgot to take pics of that, and half of the loaf is gone now soo no go on the pics.

I am however baking another carrot bread to give to my dad and his new wife, so I'll take pics of that one.

I do have to say, I bake some darn good bread!  Both kids loved it, even though I had told them it was carrot bread.  AND since carrots are vegetables, that is usually an automatic "NO, I don't like it!!".  Not today though, both kids loved it.  So much as to say that Tyler took some to school today for his snack time treat!  Love it when my baked goods are a hit with the kids.

Yesterday, I also finished a new scarf that I put up for sale on my Etsy's page.  Its about 5 1/2 feet long, and made in Patons Bohemian in Beatnik Blues colorway.  Now... if you have ever had the pleasure of feeling anything made from this yarn you will know that this is one of THE softest, plushest yarns out there!  I have a scarf that I made out of this for myself, and I wear it ALL winter long! 

I'm working up another one in black and white speckled, and I have a pinkish color too that I will be working up after that.  Keep an eye on my page....   (Yes, that was an shameful plug for you to go see my Etsy's page!!!!)

And that's pretty much it for my Monday!  I know... shameful, but OH WELL!!!


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Smellyann said...

The pie looks awesome, good for yoU! We are so similar in a lot of ways. Same hobbies, both want to go to law school, three kids, blog... it's a shame you don't live closer! ;)