Thursday, November 12, 2009

Kindle Giveaway contest

I'm such a whore for giveaways!  (I know, very nice way to start a blog post!)  BUT SERIOUSLY, I will attempt to win just about anything, because if I win it... its FREE!!!!

So I was reading Stephanie's Blog at My Life In Words, and she posted about a Kindle giveaway, so OF COURSE I had to go look and see what it was all about!  And lo and behold, its actually something I really would like.  I love to read, hate to haul books or having to buy books, because as much as I love them... they tend to gouge the purse that is perpetually empty!

So, I have entered the giveaway contest and was sent this wonderful linky poo that helps to get me more entries, SOOOO if an ebook reader interests you at all, or if you know of someone that REALLY wants one for Christmas... (Namely ME!!! HELLOO!!!)  please jump over there on my link and help me out!

Besides, it would be really cool to win one!


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