Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tigers and Liars (I mean Lions) and Bears... OH MY!!!!

I had to write this post... SERIOUSLY is anyone else completely done with all the bs on Tiger Woods!?

First of all... I think the man is a scum bag for cheating on his beautiful wife with not one... no, not two... at least 7 different women!

Second... he is only sorry because he's been got!  Does anyone really believe that he is truely sorry for having had all those affairs over the last few years?

I hope Ellin is smart enough to pack her bags, pack her children, divorce Tiger and go live on her Sweedish home!  She is a beautiful woman, Lord only knows why Tiger cheated in the first place.

I do have to say, I don't understand cheating, I don't understand cheaters. If you are truely unhappy in your relationship, why not just leave?  Why do you have to hurt the other person by making them feel worthless and embarrass them by having all discover their infedelity???

Granted, I know woman cheat too... but why are men always so unconformed with a good woman they already have?

There... I've said my peace... I'm getting down off my soap box.  But I just had to get that out into cyberspace!!!

Please feel free to comment, positive or negative... is fine by me!


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