Thursday, July 23, 2009

so close... yet so far away...

I have a lot of catching up to do, so I'm gonna start with the belly update.

I am 37 weeks as of tomorrow! I can't beleive I am done to 3 weeks left and my baby will here! Ths pregnancy has flown.... seriously.

So here is a pic from last friday, at 36 weeks..... with each family member that loves to hug and rub my belly every chance they get!

I love it when Tyler hugs my belly, he always give it a kiss and says hi to his little brother!

I love how proud Carlos looks... he is definitely excited about meeting his lil'man!

Is it just me or is Isabel looking older by the minute!!!

Tomorrow I will post a pic of my 37 week belly... humor me, I've only got a few more weeks of showing off my belly before I do everything I can to hide it until it shrinks back to pre-pregnancy size.

I do have to say that I have enjoyed every moment of this pregnancy, I have been blessed with no morning sickness (other than a few days in the beginning) and the baby has been growing strong and healthy so far with out complications. My biggest complaints have to be I am sooo tired/sans energy most of the time, a lot of heart burn the last month or two (which is finally subsiding!) and now my stupid ankles are fat and swollen. But all in all, it could be worse so I won't complain too much.



Smellyann said...

Carlos is a hunk, huh?? Hehe. You look so tiny next to him - well... height-wise, not belly-wise! So cute!

tara said...

You look great!!!! Can't wait to see baby pictures! I posted new pics of the kids on Facebook. Check them out.