Wednesday, July 29, 2009

baby watch... maybe?!

Ok, I don't normally post this early (7am) but.... I think today might be the day!!!

I've been up since about 5am with "contractions" (I will apologize now if anything I say will be gross)- tightening of my uterus with menstrual like cramps every 20 minutes or so since a little before 5am; and now with every "contraction" I get a small "gush" of "urine" that is slightly blood tinged... I'm thinking my water may be broken.

Now before I get all excited and run to the hospital... I haven't called my midwife yet for two reasons. First I know that anything longer than 5-8 minutes apart will not get me admitted to the hospital it will just make me drive to and from the hospital. and secondly I have an appointment with the midwife in a little under 2 hours... so I'll give her a pleasant surprise if I am in labor and I will allow her the pleasure of confirming if baby Castano will make his grand appearance today!!!!

Cross your fingers for me and I will let you know shortly after 9am if it was a false alarm or if its the real deal!

Sooooo as of right now.... I'm gonna post my Wordless Wednesday just in case I can't do it later!



Stephanie said...

Oh, how exciting! Good luck, praying & hoping for a fast & easy labor for you! I'm sure you're ready for your little babe to be here so I hope today is the day & he's nice & strong & everything's perfect!

I want to see those adorable newborn pics asap if it is!

darcie said...