Thursday, April 2, 2009

still not caught up...

I STILL feel like I haven't caught up on my sleep yet! For starters, this baby is draining all the energy from me, and it usually begins somewhere around 2pm! I start to get sleepy and want to just lay down under my desk and take a nap.

Then of course there was sunday night when poor Isabel was up throwing up every 45 minutes from 2am until almost 7am! Poor thing, but luckily it was a 24 hour bug and she was fine come monday night... but not being able to sleep all night killed me! I have been completely run down since then.

I'm hoping I can recoop this weekend and try to catch some extra zzzzz's over the weekend.

I do have to mention though that I am soooo done with being a troop leader for Girl Scouts. Now don't get me wrong, I really enjoy doing this with Isabel. Especially since she loves the fact that it is something we do together with out Tyler or anyone else from the family. Its definitely fun, but seriously I have no energy to make it through the work day nevermind trying to put together something fun and educational for a group of 9-10 year old girls.

THEN there is the fact that of my original troop of 6 girls, I am down to 3 AGAIN! And one of them can't commit to save her life! She keeps signing up for other activities on the nights we meet. Seriously I am of the belief that if you commit to being in a group, on a team, in anything in which you are not the sole participant, you need to COMMIT! There are no excuses. I am trying to instill this in Isabel and Tyler so that they don't become the kids that are constantly joining things only to decide they don't like it or its not convenient and then they drop out and leave the rest of the people hanging. I dont' like that.

So I have been seriously debating on whether to do the same... suck it up and deal with my troop that seems to be dwindling by the minute, or just say F'that... and walk away.

I casually mentioned it to Isabel, and right away she got all upset and reminded me that I this is something we do together. So.. here I am... still trying to figure out what I should do. Any suggestions?

So now I'm off to the gym, even though I really want to go home and just throw myself on the couch, I'm not gonna do it. I'm gonna go sweat a little and feel better for it after... at least that's the game plan!


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Anonymous said...

Oh I remember those days, hope you feel better and get your energy back soon, you're going to need it:)