Thursday, April 23, 2009

Easter! (a week and a half later)

Ok, so I am S L O W L Y playing catch and trying to remember all the fun and cute things that happened over Easter, and the wonderfully interesting post I was going to write that all would ooh and ahh over... BUT you get this instead.

I'm gonna do the best I can to remember what the hell happened two weekends ago, and recount it as best as I can. I am pregnant after all and you're lucky I know who I am half the time.

I DO REMEMBER that I wanted to strangle my wonderfully lovely children by the end of the day on Saturday! Let me tell you... I love my kids... BUT they gave me HELL! If I told them not to do it... it got done. If I told them to do it, you can bet the farm (if you had one) that it was NOT getting done. They fought, they yelled, the hit, the screamed, the just made it their mission to make me want to give them away... and I would have had I not know for certain I would have gotten them back 5 minutes later! (just kidding... jeez!)

Anyways... we began our Easter weekend on Good Friday by hanging out at home, they went out to the park and played for a bit, until Tyler got cold and decided he was better off inside watching some Disney Channel with me.

The night before I had gone to Michaels to get some last minute things to finish their Easter Baskests, and had picked up some
Crayola Air Dry Modeling Clay. My idea was to have the kids make some Easter decorations, ie bunnies, chicks or ducks to put on our table to spruce up the joint!

I like this stuff by the way, very easy to use, non-toxic, very easy to clean up, and DOES not stick to the rugs!

Well I got Tyler started and he LOVED it! He made the cutest easter duck on earth... and of course... I didnt' get a picture of it because I suck like that (tomorrow... check back tomorrow). He painted it and we glued it together and then glued googley eyes on and some feathers. I am very proud of my boy, he did a great job.

Isabel decided friday was not a good day for crafts, and instead spent the day playing outside with her friends... that's cool. At least I had some alone time with Tyler which doesn't happen all that often.

Saturday, this was the day from Hell! It started off good enough, my hubby went to work, and I stayed with the kids. We had some pancakes for breakfast and watched it rain, and rain, and rain! What is up with the crappy weather! Oh well... I had crafting to do.

Uh huh, then Isabel started working on her bunny, and Tyler started playing with the clay. All was great... THEN Isabel's friend called, "Hi, can I came over?" SURE!!! What the hell is wrong with me???? This girl is like a hurricane in my house. When she comes over, isabel is a major BIATCH, does not listen, she is rude, she is mean (all qualities she seems to mysteriously acquire when her friend comes over.... ). So I had the two girls playing with the clay and painting their pieces so we could put them together.

I do recall stating "please do not play with the paints, I will put them out for you when your ready so we don't make a huge mess on my table" . At least I think I said that...

Can I tell you I scrubbed paint off my table for about an hour! These two 9 year old girls made more of a mess than my 5 year old son! I had hunks of clay on the floor, paint all over the table, they broke out my glitter... dear lord, I was ready to kill them both!

Anyways... that pretty much ended my patience, followed by the mess they made of both Isabel's and Tyler's room, then the fact that no one wanted to pick up said mess... i hate this part of being a parent, really I do! I hate the nagging and the yelling and the threats... all of which spew out of my mouth and make me sound like some sort of crazy mad pregnant woman... oh wait.. hee hee hee.

Any how, the friend went home, the kids picked up, Tyler popped in "Doogal" the absolute cutest movie I got from a bootlegger, cuz I have no shame! and we painted some Easter Eggs... because I wait until the last possible moment to do everything!

At this point, I could see them winding down and with little or no energy left, so I said "hey why don't you guys get your pajamas on and get ready for bed?" sounded like a plan to me. NOPE, We are waiting for the Easter Bunny... we want to see what he's bringing... and about 5 minutes later, this was the scene I beheld.....


Even though the fell asleep and totally missed the Easter Bunny's arrival, the bunny is a good guy and dropped off some goodies to the sleeping hellions... I mean angels.

Then Sunday was the usual, church, food, kids playing outside in the cold and more food.

So here are a couple more pics to end this novel sized post.

BTW I made the BOMB strawberry shortcake for dessert! whoa baby... my new favorite dessert, with home made whipped cream and all!

AND that's it.... for now!


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