Friday, April 24, 2009

Sports, sports, sports

This spring should be loads of fun... both of my kids are in sports, Tyler is playing soccer again and Isabel is trying out softball. I love it because they are glued to the computer, DS, Gameboy or tv, BUT now I have softball practice saturdays, games 3-4 days a week (WTF!), dance on mondays and saturday mornings, Chorus on thursday after school, Girl Scouts every other tuesday (one month left), and Tyler has soccer on sundays.

Oh yeah... that's Isabel's schedule by the way! Nevermind she is super slacking in school and I'm trying to get her to improve her grades this semester. So on top of the dance clases, the girl scout meetings, chorus and now softball apparently every other day, she has to manage to do her home work. Which may I add for a fourth grader is near non-exisitent. Don't get me started, I'm saving that one for another post!

But on the up side, I get to be the proud momma and cheer my super star athletes on at their respective games.

Tyler's first soccer game of the season was last sunday, he scored 3 goals! I was late getting to the game so I missed them, but Isabel insisted they were fantastic!

I realize that this video is a bit long, but my baby is worth it! He's number 11 on the Red Team and although it doesn't show any goals, it shows his fancy foot work and blocking skills! That's my boy!

Isabel has her first softball game this sunday at 1pm right after Tyler finishes his soccer game that starts at 12pm! Dear lord help me as I have to go to the other side of town to get from one field to the next.

I did manage to get some pics of her at practice this past week... I'll post some video of her swinging away this weekend.


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Smellyann said...

Good luck to them!

Where are ya, I haven't seen you in ages!