Monday, June 15, 2009

I'm here... I'm here....

Soooooo, I've been slacking in the way of posts lately.... but I've saved you a few weeks of nothing new.

NOW I have some news for you.... so let me get you caught up.

First off, I was laid off from my job a week ago thursday. Sucks... I was not ready for the news and was hoping to be able to work until right before having the baby so as to not be strapped for cash, as I knew I would be. Maternity leave had me in a panic... since I would have NO income for as long as I would be out. So, I am taking unemployment as a blessing since now I will have income and the opportunity to be home with my child until at least January!

I spent all last week cleaning and resting. I was able to catch up on house work that was VERY far behind... I think I was about 2 weeks behind on laundry. Not good, but now I am not so behind, I just have our laundry to do, the kids clothes is finally washed and put away... YEA me!

I also was able to finish the baby sweater, hat and bootie set that I have been working on for three months now. Woooo Hoooo me!!! I am so proud of myself, this is the first complete knit set I have ever made, finished and am proud to show off. Wanna see??? I know you do... and if you don't... to bad, I'm posting pics anyways.

Nice.. right??? I'm very proud of myself.
So.... that's it for right now. I'll post a little more later.... I gotta upload more pics then I'll update you later!


darcie said...

I love the knit set! is that what I have to compete with???

Smellyann said...

Sorry about being laid off but yay for collecting unemployment during your mat. leave! :D

The knit set is so cute! Good job, Mama!