Thursday, May 28, 2009

tooth fairy

My baby lost his first tooth this morning! He looks absolutely adorable now!

Let me tell you though, this was no easy task to get this tooth out! Not because it wasn't loose enough... oh no. My son hates the sight of his own blood. And apparently the last time Isabel had a loose tooth, she tried pulling it too soon and bled all over the place and he VIVIDLY remembers this.

So we have been checking the progress of the wiggley tooth for about 2 months now, and last night he tells me, "mom, I think we should pull my tooth" Ok... So I got my floss out, and tied a knot and placed it securely around said tooth, and just as I was about to pull.... he covered his mouth, backed away and said to me... "mom... what if it bleeds! What if it hurts? I know that its gonna bleed." So how about we wait until tomorrow?

So, being the sweet and nuturing mother that I am... asked my darling son "Do you trust mommy? yes... Has mommy ever hurt you before??? no.... so you believe me when I tell you it won't bleed and it won't hurt right? yeah?!...." Ok, then... let me pull it.

and I pulled out the floss once again wrapped it around Mr. Wiggley Tooth... and counted.... 1..... 2..... 3....... and out popped the little tooth!

I've probably traumitized my poor son, BUT there was no blood and there was no pain! Score one for Mom! NICE!!!!!

But now, I am realizing my little baby is not so little anymore... and I'm sad. I'm going to attribute this to my pregnant hormones which are controlling my emotions in the strangest manner. But my little baby is growing into a little man!
OH.. and apparently Isabel has informed Tyler that the Tooth Fairy now give $5 for the first tooth! WHAT... SINCE WHEN!?


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Smellyann said...

Aw, too cute!!

Chloƫ has 3 right now that have been wiggly for ages. I wish they would just come out already! LOL