Thursday, February 19, 2009

back from hiatus...

I have not been in the mood to post lately.... no particular reason other than I've been SUPER lazy lately. So let me catch you up on the excitment that is my life right now.
I have been on a mini-vacation this week. I start my new job on Monday the 23rd and I am sooo excited to start. So I have been home this week with Isabel, she's on February vaca... and I have actually been pretty productive. I managed to clean my entire apartment, I did all the kids laundry, I managed to get Isabel to ACTUALLY clean her room, I delivered girl scout cookies, and have the rest of the troops cookies ready for pick up/delivery.
Today I'm done... I am in such a mood for a nap that I think after I have some lunch I'm gonna try to snooze a little. I deserve it... i'm growing a baby here! That expends a lot of energy you know!

So yesterday I went for my first ultra sound! So exciting, its a little early since I was only 13 weeks along, but my mid-wife wanted to get a more accurate date on the pregnancy since she was suspecting I was further along than we both believed. So I took Isabel with me and off to the clinic we went, with a FULL bladder. I arrived at the clinic with 10 minutes to spare and signed in... "I'm sorry Mrs. Castano, we don't have you on the schedule today for an ultrasound" WHAT!!! After 15 minutes of telling them that the appointment had been rescheduled 3 times, that so and so had told me to be here today at 11am WITH a full bladder... and let me tell you (this part I thought to myself...) I am not leaving until we see this baby!

Well, apparently so and so had scheduled me to get the ultra sound at the hospital and had not mentioned it me or the nurses (nice!), conveniently the hospital is only a few feet away in the next entrance... and off I went to get my ultra sound.

So, the baby was just jumping around in there like there is some kind of party going on.... very active this one is! After all the measurements were taken, I am apparently 14 weeks 2 days and not 13 weeks like we first thought... YEA! One less week of summer pregnancy! This now puts the baby's due date at August 17th... I'll take it!

Next, the question of the day... can you tell the sex of the baby? or is it too early? At this point, Isabel pipes up about how it HAS to be a girl... she wants a little sister, no more brothers.... and I watch as the tech moves her wand thingy over to where the baby's bottom is ... and I know without her saying it.... Isabel was NOT happy!

IT'S A..... BOY!!!! to be further confirmed in about 6 weeks when we go for my 20 week ultrasound, but its a boy! I was hoping for a girl, because well... girls are just so much more fun to shop for, to make things for, to dress up, to put bow in their hair... you know! But I am just happy to have a healthy baby growing in there!

The only other thing going on is that I am knitting another baby sweater for baby X (no names just yet). I love the color of this yarn, its Red Heart Designer in Celedon. Here is a pic of the back... what do you think so far? I like the pattern, but what I found out is, all the peices are made (back, fronts and sleeves) and then put onto a circular needle and the yoke is worked up... thus joining all the pieces together at the arm hole line. Interesting!

So, that's it for now. I think I'm gonna have some meatballs and take at least a 30 minute snooze.
I promise to check in a little more from now on. maybe....


darcie said...

I love the sweater color.

Btw, that is a fairly common way to make the sweater collar. I am happy to help you if you get stuck and maybe I can get my girl scout cookies at the same time :)

Smellyann said...

Congratulations on another BOY!!! Wow, that's the earliest I've heard for them to tell the sex! And yay for being further along than you thought!

The sweater looks great so far; you're doing a great job!