Monday, August 2, 2010

I'm such a slacker...

I'm warning you now... the title is the reason this post will last forever!

I won a give away on Mel's blog... Fishing and Wishing oh, I don't know... about a MONTH AGO!!!  I really wanted to post on here a picture of the item I won.

I won this really cool wall decoration by Max 'N Me Studio on Etsy.  These are unique works of art created by a mom and son duo with a portion of the proceeds being donated towards arts programs for children with autism! 

Isn't it wonderful!  I absolutely love it... I'm giving it to my dancer daughter Isabel, for her birthday... which is right around the corner.  Thanks Mel and Max 'N Me Studio for the wonderful art work!!!!!

So the other things I am behind on is my ridiculous obsession with ebaying.  I discovered eBay about 6 years ago and went nuts... I bought a bunch of "stuff" that I honestly really didn't need.  So I swore off eBay for a while... every so often I would relapse and purchase a thing or two... but two weeks ago I searched for wool yarn.  WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING!!!!  Needless to say $100 later I have sworn off eBay once again!    But take a look at this yarn...

100% wool... hand dyed... Isn't it lucious?

And wait until I get the rest of it!  oh, and I also purchased a couple of grams of silk yarn direct from India!

I'm signing up for Ebayers Anonymous tomorrow!!!

In other news... I tried my hand at knitting some longies, I found this really nice Patons sock wool blend yarn and decided they would be really cute for Sebastian.  What do you think?

I think they look adorable!

OOOH I forgot to mention, I made my first salad made from items harvested from my garden!

Yes, I realize the tomatoes are green, but they are delicious this way!

So I added a 1/2 of a ripe tomatoe and some shredded carrots from the fridge... but the end result was the tastiest salad I have had in a LONG time.

Just look at it... Isn't it lovely?

I tasted just as good and better!

Now that you managed to stick with me to this point... I'm gonna let you take a break!

Chao baby!


Melanie said...

LOVE the longies! And the yarn - jealous!! It's nice looking. :)

Glad you like your prize! Hope you win another great one soon!

The salad looks soooo good, yum!

Nessa said...

Adorable baby and I love the pants. Your prize is so wonderful.

Stephanie said...

Awesome longies! Which pattern did you use? You don't use cloth diapers do you? If you do, I'm shocked I didn't know...if not, I think it is AWESOME that you are using longies anyway! I think they're freaking adorable!!